YouTube Premium Music Mod v3.59 Apk - 2020

YouTube Premium Music Mod Apk: YouTube is among the most popular online video streaming platforms. With a ton of great and engaging content, YouTube has created its own reputation in the market.

But still, after being so much popular YouTube has managed to be totally free of cost. Which is really an appreciable thing. But everything comes at an inevitable cost. So, YouTube actually covers all this by advertisements. As days are passing users are experiencing more and more ads on YouTube and even sometimes more than one ad just at the beginning of any video. That can really be annoying and frustrating for most of us.

YouTube Music Premium Apk

So, YouTube launched its premium service where you don’t have to watch any creepy ads between your video. But that’s not free of course. It will cost you about $11.99 per month after your one-month free trial.  But most of us aren’t going to pay that much for a month. So, here we have found a way by which you can actually get YouTube premium service for free. All you need to do is download the YouTube premium music videos Mod apk file and you are ready to go.

Why YouTube Premium Mod over the original YouTube app?

Now, Most of you might be thinking why should we download the mod version of YouTube if the official version is working fine. So, I must tell you the mod version of YouTube comes with some fantastic features and with zero ads. That makes it a must-have application in your device.

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YouTube Premium Apk features:

Add Free-

The best part of Vanced YouTube is that it comes with zero ads. That is you won’t experience even a single add between your Videos or songs.

Play in Background- 

As all of us know that we cannot play videos, songs in the background on the official YouTube but in the YouTube premium mod, you can play music and videos in the background.

Dark Mode- 

Even though you get the dark mode in the official version. It is great that the mod version also comes with a great dark mode feature that works pretty well.

No root requires- 

As you guys know that most of the modded apps need a rooted device. But Vanced YouTube can be used in all devices. it doesn’t matter if you have a rooted or non-rooted device.

Streaming Quality-

If you a lover of HD or 4K videos than Vanced YouTube is just for you. Here you can stream videos from quality as low as 144p to even 4k Ultra HD quality. All you need is just a high-speed connection in your device.

Download Content-

In the official YouTube, you cannot download videos but in the mod version of YouTube, you can download songs and videos right in one click.

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How to Download and Install YouTube Premium Mod?

To download the hack version of YouTube Premium you will need to download YouTube Vanced apk. Which is the best and working YouTube premium mod. To download the Vanced YouTube just follow the steps below-

YouTube Premium Mod Apk 2021

Step 1. First, you need to download the Vanced YouTube Apk 3.59 Offline. Download it from here.

Step 2. The download will start automatically so wait till it gets finished.

Step 3. Now open the downloaded apk and start the installation process.

Step 4. After the installation is finished open the apk and enjoy YouTube premium features for free.

Note- You don’t have to delete your original YouTube apk from your device. So, basically you can have two YouTube apps in your device.

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Wrapping Up

So, now you have it. You can now use the premium YouTube mod apk in your device and that too for free. How great is that? If you found our content helpful please do share it on all platforms and keep visiting us.