Bloom Box Flowers

Do you have a special occasion coming up, or would you just like to surprise a loved one with flowers? Instead of the typical bouquet, consider visiting to secure your loved one a bloom box Singapore. These flower arrangements consist of your pick of blooms arranged in a beautiful, customized box. Not only are they unique, but they are also easy to deliver and will wow the recipient. Are you interested? Read on to learn more about bloom box flowers.

Bloom Box Flowers


Flower Arrangements

Generally, bloom box flower arrangements come in a wide variety of flower choices and box designs. You can choose the classic pink or red rose option or be more spontaneous and pick from the following top flower choices:

  • Orchids – This is a great arrangement for graduations or congratulatory events.
  • Peonies – Because they symbolize romance, these box arrangements will make a great gift for newlyweds to wish them a happy marriage.
  • Carnations – These flowers symbolize love and affection and will make a great decorative gift for friends and family or as a celebration of a newborn.

Bloom box flowers come in a box – obviously – and, therefore, you cannot take the ‘pop in a vase’ approach. Instead, you should store your box flowers in cool conditions away from areas exposed to direct sunlight to keep them alive for longer. Watering the sponge at the bottom of the box daily also helps your flowers last up to 3 to 5 days.

Bloom Box Design

As mentioned, bloom box flowers come with a distinctive flower arrangement structure that makes them much more convenient to carry around. The box design is designed to make work much easier for you as the recipient. Also, thanks to the endless arrangement designs, it is now much more accessible and affordable for you to choose your preferred flowers.

Bloom Box Flowers


Most bloom box flowers come with an additional finishing touch, sometimes complete with a bottle of champagne or a Chloe bottle of perfume. This means that you can easily use a customized box to say ‘happy birthday,’ ‘congratulations,’ ‘happy anniversary,’ or ‘I love you’ to your intended recipients.

Orders and Delivery

BearloonSG, which offers and delivers bloom box flower arrangements, has a website interface designed to make it easy for you to make your flower orders. The wide array of beautiful floral options gives you a large inventory from which to pick your flower box. Furthermore, there is an add-on option available for every flower purchase. This makes it much convenient for you to pick your preferred product and make the required payments.

In the event you as the recipient are not at the given address, the company has a free island-wide delivery system where the courier will leave your purchased product with your neighbour (for homes) or colleagues (for offices).


Regardless of the occasion, getting a Bloom Box Singapore for your loved one is a surefire way of creating great memories. In addition to the readily available daily arrangements and wide range of flower options, these flowers are easy to handle and take care of. You can also take advantage of the same-day delivery option if you make sure to make your orders before 2.30 pm so you can receive your package at any home address in Singapore.