xpadder windows 10

Xpadder Windows 10: It is an application that simulates keypress and mouse movements using a gamepad. This application is very helpful to emulate the full keyboard and the mouse. Xpadder application is supported for all the versions of Windows from Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, and 10.  This application works great with a music player and many other applications. In this article, we will see how to download Xpadder windows 10 and how to make this application work on your computer. Before jump into the tutorial let us discuss the important features of this application.

  • This application is available in Free Version. [You don’t need to pay anything to use the complete application].
  • You can actually connect up to 16 controllers.
  • Improves  Controller support for games with very bad support.

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Download Xpadder Windows 10 :

  • Download the Xpadder application to your computer.
  • Install this application on your computer.
  • Run this application on your computer.

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How to use Xpadder application:


  • After running this xpadder application, you need to configure your gamepad to use. For this click on the new button
  • You can add an image if you want by clicking the Image tab. Click on the configuration to map the thumbsticks.
  • Press the button on your gamepad, makes it appear in the layout. You can map any keystroke to that keys


That’s pretty much it about the xpadder application. Hope you like this tutorial. Share this article with your friends.  If you have any queries feel free to contact our team.

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