Ullu Premium Accounts & Passwords for Free 2020
Ullu Premium Accounts & Passwords for Free 2020

Ullu Premium: If you are an addict of web series, movies, and many adult contents but you don’t have much money for the subscription of Netflix, Amazon, or any different entertainment apps then we bring you the information of a very cheap app that you can see in a very affordable price. It also gives you the contents in very different languages like Bhojpuri, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Kannada, and of course Hindi and English.

What is Ullu?

You would not be at fault for not being familiar with the name ‘Ullu’ among titles like Netflix and Amazon. But there is certainly enough about this Video On Demand Service to warrant at least a look. From its mostly R-rated originals to its low price, Ullu is pretty interesting.

Ullu Premium Accounts & Passwords for Free 2020

Ullu is a subscription-based streaming platform that provides Web series, movies and Ullu originals in several languages including Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Tamil, Kannada and Bengali. But what makes Ullu different from its competitors? Is it worth your time and money? Well, we are answering all your questions on this blog!

Why Ullu Dekhtey Raho Premium?

Ullu has much to offer and for a nominal fee. So, you should subscribe to Ullu if you:

  • Are looking for an OTT full of series and films of all categories for a small price
  • Like to binge-watch more progressive series and films ad-free
  • Cannot afford a subscription for Amazon Prime or Netflix, but would still like to enjoy many series and movies of different genres
  • Are over 18 years old, because, a lot of content on Ullu is R-rated.

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Free Ullu Premium Accounts 2021

Ullu is a cheap alternative that provides a wide variety of regional and international content. With Ullu Prime subscription, you can:

  • Watch the movies and TV Shows, originals, and web series of various genres on Ullu.
  • Download videos to watch offline.
  • Watch in Hindi as well as several other available languages, depending on the video.
  • Have access to Premium Content
  • Personalizing the subscription package

What are the Available Plans and Pricing?

Ullu has many web series and movies that may only be accessed by a subscription. You may watch a trailer of the movie or series before deciding to stream it. You can also watch the first four episodes for free, after which you require a subscription. The subscription plans for Ullu are

  • INR 99 for 3 month
  • INR 144 for 6 month

Ullu Premium Accounts & Passwords for Free 2020

Offers on Ullu

Currently, Ullu is offering a massive discount to its Prime users.

  • INR 36 for 1 month
  • INR 198 for 1 year

Coupons for Ullu

Although Ullu has an option for ‘redeem code’, it hasn’t officially released any codes. It is advisable to use PhonePe invites to save some money on this app.

Ullu Membership

Users who have Ullu Membership can personalize their subscription package based on their needs.

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What Content Does Ullu Offer?

Ullu offers content in many regional languages including Marathi, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Tamil, etc.

Popular Ullu Originals Shows

1. Singardaan
2. Wanna Have a Good Time
3. Black Coffee
4. 3G
5. Halala
6. Maid-in-India

Popular Ullu Movies

1. Ghapa Ghap
2. The Mirror
3. Mallika
4. I See You
5. Whiskey Glass

Popular Ullu Series

1. The Choice
2. The Host
3. Guardian
4. Section 377
5. Anniversary Surprise

Ullu Premium Accounts ID and Passwords of 2021

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FINAL WORDS: Ullu Premium Accounts 2021

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