Top 10 TVMuse Alternatives of 2020 - Mirror TVMuse Sites
Top 10 TVMuse Alternatives of 2020 - Mirror TVMuse Sites

TVMuse Alternatives: TVMuse is the most popular movie and TV show streaming site for free. Unfortunately, the TVMuse website was taken down in early 2020. The reason why the site was taken down is not yet clear but as per the rumors, it is said that due to a copyright strike the website was shut. But, the website official says, the site was hacked. It is very hard for such sites to stay for a long, so you search for a similar website that helps you out.

However, even though the TVMuse website is down for whatever reason, there are still so many other proxy mirror sites available on the internet. A mirror site is an exact copy of the original site with a new domain name. It has the same content with a few differences.


Mirror site of TVMuse that works

As we know a mirror site is a replica of the original site. When the domain or URL is taken down because of copyright or any other issue, the creator of the website comes up with the same content with a different domain name. In this process, they just copy the content and change the URL address. So, the content will be there and you can use the new website just like the old one.

Now, let us see the main topic of our article. It is the best alternatives to the TVMuse website. As the TVMuse website is taken down, all the users are searching for a similar website. Using the same content they have made a proxy site that is similar to the TVMuse website. Only the URL is changed and it is


Now, check out the list of TVMuse Alternatives to watch movies and TV Shows for free.

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TVMuse Alternatives for Movies 2021

Best TVMuse Alternatives To Watch Movies and TV Shows

Try these similar websites to TVMuse Alternatives which also has similar features. All the websites which are mentioned below stream in full HD quality. Many of the sites do not need any registration and many are free to use. So check out the list and start watching your favorite movie or a TVshow.

1. GoMovies

On the GoMovies website, you can watch full movies online for free without paying any money. You can search for your favorite movie in the search box on the Homepage. Most of the movies on this site are available in HD quality. This website is free to use without doing registration. However, there are lots of advertisements coming in between.


2. Sony Crackle

Sony crackle is from Sony Entertainment which offers the best quality streaming content. Sony Crackle has a huge collection of movies and TV shows. However, this site is mainly for US users but if other region wants to use it then you need to connect to a VPN to get access to the site. The best thing is everything is provided for free without any requirements.


3. Watch Episodes

Watch Episodes website is mainly for TV series. On this site, there are so many TV Shows available. However, it contains too many ads in between which might annoy you. But overall, it is worth using it and it is for free. Watch Episodes gives links to external streaming servers in case if any does not work.


4. 123Movies Time

One of the best similar website to GoMovies and the best alternative to TVMuse is 123Movies Time. Watch videos through multiple streaming services. The video quality is available in HD, SD, and CAM quality and the site is completely free to use. There is an extra service with which you can also watch anime videos. You can also request to the team for a movie or a TV show. On the Menu bar, there is a request section available where you can request. Register on the site for free and get extra features.

5. Snagfilms

On Snagfilms website you can see so much more than just TV Series. You will also see reality shows, movies, documentaries, news, and much more. The user interface is professional and easy to use. One unique thing about this site is it is supported on many devices like Android and iOS. A few of the content is restricted depending on your location. If you want to access all the content then you need a good VPN. Use a VPN and get access to all the restricted content.

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6. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is free to use the website but the main problem is you need a good VPN to access the site. It has so many varieties of TV channels including BET, Fox, HBO, and much more. However, this site does not focus much on TV series, but still, you will get some of the best ones. Once you can access the site, nothing required to use the site. There are no redirects or onscreen ads.


7. Series Top

It is a similar website to Watch Episode. Once you start streaming, the Series Top website redirects the users to other sites. It has a great collection of new series and all of these are completely free to use. To use the site you don’t need to create an account. However, it has the option of creating an account for a personalized experience. Sometimes, a few of the links which are provided do not work. And this is the main reason to provide multiple links if some links do not work.

8. SideReel

Another one on the list is SideReel. SideReel website gives the best service when you want your favorite TV show. It regularly updates and adds episodes on the site. You can easily find the recently uploaded content on the site. However, the website does not look fancy but it offers everything best. You will get all the popular TV shows including HBO, Fox, Netflix, and much more. All of these shows are completely free to watch. You will need a user account to start using the site.


9. Yupp TV

It is the largest platform that offers live TV and unlimited movies. The service provided is the best as it reaches all the audience and it allows the customers to view all the content globally. There are more than 200 live TV channels that have so many different categories. All users can enjoy their favorite movies, TV channels, and much more.


10. Tubi TV

Tubi Tv website provides more than 12000 movies and TV shows. This website is 100% legal streaming site without a subscription. Without any limitation, just enjoy movies and tv shows. This website is the world’s largest free streaming service which anyone can access at any time, anywhere. Everyone can enjoy their high-quality service. All the categories are free to choose it has new releases, the latest movies, and Anime TV series.

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The Verdict: TVMuse Mirror Sites

So, these are some of the Best TVMuse Alternatives in 2021. We hope these sites were helpful for you to stream your favorite movies and Tv shows. And if you want to use the TVMuse website only then you can use it as it is back with a new domain and we have provided a link above. However, the new domain name may also get down so it is better to check out other similar sites which we have provided. Team Geeks10 is always open to suggestions. Always feel free to contact us using the contact us page. We are looking forward to reading your suggestions. Want to get articles like this on your doorstep? Subscribe to our E-mail newsletter and get all your tech articles in your mailbox. Thanks a lot for reading. Catch you guys on the next one. Cheers!