Best Browsers for Android

The browser is an Application or Software which is designed for doing Interference between the Internet and the user. Now, Billions of people are using Smartphone around the world. And, As we know Every smartphone includes the 4G and 3G Internet connection. There are so many websites are available on the Internet which contains a lot of Data and to Access or Download such type of Data we must need the best Browser. So that, You must have the best Browsers.

Basically, Best Browsers are based upon their great features such as page’s processing speed, the protection of users’ privacy, and the download speed. So, If you were looking for the best browsers for your Android device then you have visited on the right place here. Because In this article we have listed about Top 8 Best Browsers for Android 2018.

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8 Best Browsers for Android 2018


1. Dolphin Browser

Best Browsers for Android

If we talk about best no 1 Browser in terms of Android device then only one name comes first out which is Dolphin Browser. The browser comes with the very attractive look. Also, It gives you very Fast Page loading speed as compared to other browsers. The browser has the capability to improve old sites which only work perfectly on older flash drives.


2. Chrome Beta

Best Browsers for Android

Chrome Beta is another Beta Android browser which comes itself from Google. In some devices, Browser comes with default browser mode. The Browser consists of all features that you expect from any Windows Browser. In this browser, you can receive live updates from Google.


3. Puffin Browser

If you were looking for the best alternative Android browser then Puffin might be the best choice for you. The browser comes with high Customizations, Backgrounds, and other additional features. The browser also has the ability to emulate a Mouse cursor and Trackpad which gives you slight Mobile Laptop experience.


4. Javel Incognito Browser – for security and privacy

If you were a concern of your Security and Privacy then Javel Incognito would be the perfect choice for you. Because This browser only focuses primarily on the privacy of the user. This browser gives you Opportunity to surf anonymously on the Internet. Also, Browser automatically deletes your all Cache, Cookies, and History when you close your Browser to maintain Privacy of User. The browser also has the ability to Access Blocked sites in a secure and faster way with using Smart Private Proxy service which is hosted on a high-speed Gigabit server.  


5. Opera Mini

Opera Mini is another one of the fastest Android browsers of all time. The Browser comes with Saving Feature which saves your lot of valuable Internet MB. This is the super-fast browser which doesn’t take much more time to open Web pages. The browser gives you complete best Web Experience with the Adblock feature.


6. Google Chrome

Google Chrome comes from Google itself and the only name suggests it enough to describe the browser. By looking at great features of Google Chrome, We can only say that No other Browser available in Google market as like Google chrome as compared to others browser. The browser is very Fast as well as Convenient to use on Android Smartphone. The best part of Google Chrome is that It allows a user to sync your favorites, history, and much more from your Google Account.


7. CM Browser

CM (Clean Master) Browser is an ultra lightweight mobile browser which gives you fast browsing speed as compared to other browsers. A browser has the ability to protect you from malicious threats and Viruses. CM Browser gives you the facility to browsing optimized Web Surfing.


8. UC Browser

UC Browser also another great browser available for Android which Boosts your Browsing experience. It allows you to use Compress Data to save your Internet data. The browser also offers Night mode feature which allows you to save your Battery life on the Android phone.