Online Texas Hold’em

Described by the poker icon Doyle Brunson as “the Cadillac” of poker, Texas Hold’em is the most popular variation of the classic card game. In fact, Texas Hold’em is played everywhere from modest poker rooms to the Main Event of the World Series of Poker (WSOP). Nowadays, though, with the massive 400% growth of the online poker market, a growing number of players are exploring online games. A much more convenient platform for gaming, online poker sites regularly offer Texas Hold’em games. That said, while most poker players are very familiar with Texas Hold’em in person, not everyone knows how to win it online. Here are a few ways how:


Understand the value of your position

Studies have shown that it’s best to sit either at the last seat or to the left of an aggressive player. This is because if you’re seated at the end, you have all the information on the table available to you already. Meanwhile, if you’re to the left of an aggressive player, you can take advantage of how they play their hand. In online Texas Hold’em, most seats are assigned randomly. However, some sites do have a preferred seat feature that lets you customize your seating preference. Take note, though, that some don’t allow changing seats on mobile apps or during tournaments.

Make the most of online resources

Undeniably, one of the biggest advantages of playing online is the availability of other resources. This is especially helpful with more complex card game varieties like Texas Hold’em. On many online poker sites, players can open the tutorial tab at any time to review gameplay rules. This is a great way to reorient anytime. Aside from this, players can easily open up relevant references like a hands ranking chart. With this tool, players can see which hands are the strongest, which hands trump each other, their combinations, and their probability. This helps illuminate what your actual standing is. Additionally, for more serious players, a poker tracking software or heads-up display (HUD) can be a useful investment. Though not allowed by all online poker sites, these HUDs provide real-time statistics on your opponents. This helps you to anticipate their moves before reacting accordingly.

Recognize the table abbreviations

While most online poker sites do offer a variety of Texas Hold’em games, many tend to advertise their high-stakes games more. For the uninitiated, this might seem like there are no other games available aside from those that cost you a significant amount of money to enter. In reality, though, most sites (especially major ones like PokerStars or WSOP) offer Texas Hold’em at low to mid-stakes, too. Generally, players that know how to play Texas Hold’em online start by looking for tables with an “H” in their abbreviations (H.O., H.O.E., H.O.R.S.E., etc.). This is because “H” online usually stands for Hold’em. By knowing which tables actually offer Texas Hold’em, you’re not at the mercy of the high-stakes matches or more experienced poker players.

Learn to bluff online

Online Texas Hold’em

Bluffing is an integral part of poker. After all, VeryWellMind’s body language experts estimate that this accounts for up to 65% of all communications. That said, bluffing online is a little different since there are no physical tells or misdirection. To bluff effectively online, first, see how your opponents are presenting themselves. Any “extreme” reactions may be an attempt to compensate. You can also revisit hand histories to see how they’ve acted in the past. With this information, you can then apply the correct pressure that’ll rattle your opponents. Bluffing is an especially important skill in No-limit Texas Hold’em in which players can lose anything they put on the table.

Know when to sign off

It’s easy to get sucked into poker, especially when it’s a variety that gets as much action as Texas Hold’em. Truly, if you’re playing on a major site, players from all over the world will come and look to up the ante. That said, it’s important to know when to sign off. Otherwise, you’re likely to exhaust yourself and your bankroll. This can lead to poor judgment and hefty losses. Thus, if you feel like you’re tilted or tired, don’t hesitate to shut down your computer. If you’re unwilling to totally leave the site, then make use of the “Sit Out” button that many online sites have. This can let you rest and recollect before diving back in. If you want a breather but don’t want to stop playing poker, you can even try your hand at poker in other video games, like Texas Hold’em in Red Dead Redemption 2 instead. This won’t cost you but will be good practice, nevertheless.

Playing Texas Hold’em online is a great exercise for both new and experienced players to hone their talent. Although the digital medium does require some adjustments, with the right approach and preparation, you won’t need to fold until you’re ready.