Skye in Valorant

Skye is a Valorant agent who acts as an initiator. Even though there are already a few in the game, Skye is the first new character to join since the game’s inception. Initiators have a good rapport with aggressive players, but it does not imply that she is easy to play. Skye requires a thorough understanding of maps and a thorough understanding of strategies.

If you like tracking out your adversary and then hunting them down in Valorant, you might give Skye a go at some point. In addition to providing lots of usefulness to any team, the newest Agent to the squad performs well when it comes to scoping out adversaries and keeping them blind. 

Skye has been out for many weeks now and has provided us with lots of opportunities to learn more about her and figure out the most efficient methods to play her. Here are some of the best valorant cheats to keep in mind for those who want to get the most out of Skye.


Tips and strategies for using Skye’s powers

Skye’s talents are primarily geared toward supporting her teammates. Here are some pointers on how to make the most of them.


Skye can heal others. She is equipped with a healing gadget, which she may use to heal teammates within a specified radius in her line of sight. Her healing is limited, and she may only unequip and reequip it for as long as she has healing remaining on her person.

It’s simple to use: heal them using this ability if you have any wounded comrades. Keep in mind that you can heal several allies at the same time. You will not cure yourself via regrowth, so don’t spend your time and resources trying.

Tracker Skye takes command of a Tasmanian Tiger and uses it to spy out potential adversaries on the trail. Skye can instruct the tiger to leap at foes and concuss them while the animal is moving. When Skye is in charge of the tiger, she is very vulnerable, and thus she should only use this ability from a secure location.

This ability should be used chiefly for scouting out potential foes. Although the tiger does not have excellent eyesight, you will still be able to detect whether opponents are around if they shoot it down before you see them. It would help if you concussed any opponents you come across before signaling your comrades so they can rush in to help you fight them.

Providing a guiding light

This is Skye’s blind, and if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of one of her blinds, you know how frustrating it can be. Skye launches a hawk, which she may explode to blind anybody who comes within its line of sight. If Skye accidentally blinds someone, she will yell out “blinded” so that you are aware of it.

First and foremost, be sure that you do not blind yourself or your colleagues when using this power. Fire it through corners or the smoke to a location where you believe your adversaries will be hidden, and then explode it there. 

Wait for Skye to shout out that she has struck someone and then come in to take their place. Trailblazers may also be used to locate where your foes are hiding before you throw your blind into the mix as well.


One of the most remarkable tracking gadgets available in the game is Skye’s ultimate weapon. She dispatches three Seekers, who will track down and blind foes if they are not slain immediately.

When advancing or defending a location, use this to explore the area for potential adversaries lurking in the shadows. You may also use the Seekers to your advantage, as your opponents will want to destroy them to prevent the blind from seeing. 

Follow them in, find out where the adversaries are and use the Seekers to drive them aside. Always be sure to educate the team of your plans to participate in the process as well.


If you haven’t already, Skye is a fantastic Agent to play in Valorant, so make sure to check out her talents and see what you think of her. Just be careful not to cause too much confusion among your comrades.