The Witcher 3

A variety of mini-games are an integral part of any game in the Witcher series. The Wild Hunt, is represented by the famous card game Gwent, which is loved by world-famous Witchers.

The first time you see this mini-game in a village in the White Orchard. However, you will have plenty of opportunities to play Gwent throughout the game. Moreover, you will be able to participate in various tournaments, where you will play against serious rivals.

This guide will allow you to understand what this card game is and to consider its basics in more details


General details of the game

  • The party that will make the first move is determined by the coin toss
  • The first winner is the one who can emerge victorious in two rounds
  • At the beginning of the game, the player takes 10 random cards from his deck, from which he will be able to replace two pieces.
  • The game continues until all player cards or abilities of one of the sides are used, and they do not exceed the opponent’s
  • After the game, each player puts one card of troops per turn
  • Each character card has a certain amount of power, adding it to the overall strength of the character.

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It should be mentioned that some people find Gwent too hard and in some cases boring. It is understandable considering the fact that a mini-game requires good planning and expertise. However, we should also note, that The Witcher is a game where any kind of mod can be made.

In relation to Gwent, there was a very interesting and weird case. People who did not like Gwent decided to make a mod where this game would be eliminated and they replaced it with blackjack! It seems really bizarre but they came up with a really extraordinary idea. Developers modeled the idea around online blackjack for real money as well as other card games they could naturally integrate within the game. There are talks that a poker version of the mod will be coming very soon.

Deck types

Gwent is characterized by four different types of decks, which are characterized by different maps. Among them, we can note Weather and Leaders cards. There is also a type of specialized map, including the maps of Monsters, the Nilfgaard Empire, the Northern Kingdoms, and Skellige.

Leader cards

These are special cards that have powerful abilities, but their use is limited only once for the entire match. Each leadership card has several different options that you can earn, buy or simply find.

Maps of the Troops

This type of card is the main way to earn points in Gwent. Troop maps have several types, depending on their specialization: melee, remote attacks, and siege type. Each card of the Troops will also have certain abilities that can change the course of the match and create a preponderance in the direction of one of the participants.

Specialized maps

This type includes cards that allow you to use different effects during the game. Also, these cards open additional opportunities for the maps of the Troops, allowing them to better resist the moves of the opponent. One of the most widely used examples of a specialized map is a weather map that can take power away from other maps. There are also other weather maps that allow you to zero out the effects imposed by the same weather maps.

In Gwent, you’ll find three types of weather maps that have an impact on the Troops.

  • The snow that affects the maps of the neighboring troops
  • The fog that has an effect on remote troops
  • The rain that acts on siege types of maps

Hero cards and other neutral cards

Hero cards are almost always stronger and they do not have the effects of special cards. They are quite a strong trump card, as they allow the player to get a considerable advantage.

Neutral cards, on the contrary, do not belong to any of the deck types.

They enhance the action of other cards and include maps of Yennefer, Geralt and Ciri.

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General tips and strategy in Gwent

Given that you can only draw 10 cards at a time, it is strongly advised not to use them too early. Since the player needs to win two matches to defeat the opponent, you need to be as careful as possible, thinking through each of your moves. There is nothing shameful in the fact that you just miss the move, believing that the opponent’s card is too strong for you. What’s more, this doesn’t mean you’re going to stop playing.

To beat high-level rivals in Gwent, you have to get a pretty powerful deck, which in itself is obvious. The more serious the game, the more requirements are needed.

You always have the opportunity to buy cards to play in the inn in the White Orchard, where your first “meeting” with Gwent in the Wild Hunt took place.

When you find new strong cards during your travels, try to add them to the deck without delay.

Since the Weather cards affect both players, it is worth considering their use in order to give them an advantage to you, not the opponent.

In your travels, you will be able to meet quite strong players in Gwent, who have the most powerful cards in the game. Always try to challenge them to get these cards into your collection.

The game has 197 cards for Gwynt, so you will have quite a lot of opportunities to make a strong deck.