List of Best Telegram Groups Links - Educational, Premium Accounts 2020
List of Best Telegram Groups Links 2020 @geeks10

List of Best Telegram Groups Links: Telegram is not a new messaging application in the market. But the craze and popularity of Telegram grew up in just some past recent years. Telegram is basically a cloud-based messaging service where users can share messages, videos, images, etc for free.

The telegram was first introduced in 2014 as a free messaging application where users can send stuff to each other. In the past days, people used to message and communicate with each other by directly sending messages which were not an efficient way. But platforms like telegram and WhatsApp changed the game forever.

So, before we get to the list of best telegram channels collections of 2020. We will go through some basic telegram knowledge so you guys don’t miss out on anything about the telegram. and how to login on telegram web the Telegram Web app gives you two ways to log in. You can use your phone number like the mobile app, or you can use a QR code.

So let’s start first by understanding what actually is the telegram?

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What is Telegram?

Telegram is no doubt one of the most successful messaging applications of all time. It is available and used all around the world with about 14 supported languages.

The application went viral on so large scale that in a study it was estimated that telegram has almost 200 million+ monthly active users. The amount is so damn high still telegram manages its user very well. The telegram application has almost 4.5+ star rating on the Google Play store.

The best part of the telegram is its feature that no app ever offers, like Secret chat, Multiple profile picture, Group customization and many more. These features help to make things a lot easier than any other chatting app.

Basic Information about telegram application.

1. Developer Telegram
2. Rating 4.5+ Star
3. Downloads 100 million+
4. Size 16 MB
5. Latest Version 5.13.1

Best Telegram Features you must use right now

Most of you guys reading this article may already know these features but if you are new and don’t know these features then you are missing out on the best part of telegram.

So these are some of the best telegram features you must try right now-

Live Location Sharing-

Yes, you read it right. You can share your location with your buddies or family right away from the telegram app itself. This feature can be extremely helpful for people who are using some other laggy and oversized app just to share their location.

To use this feature simply go to chat then click on the attachment and then share the location.

Secret Chat-

Now, this is a feature that I found only available on the telegram platform nowhere else. Especially when we talk about chatting we don’t want anyone to see the chats we do with anyone so here this feature can help you a lot.

Basically, when you use this feature the chats will auto-destruct and will never be saved on telegram servers. To use this feature you simply click on any chat and then select the secret chat feature.

Bots on Telegram-

Bots are extremely useful and creative part of Telegram by which you can manage a lot of things. Think if you have a group on telegram and you want to restrict some words you can simply do that by programming a bot. Telegram offers you tons of bot to choose from and make your own customized ChatBot.

Customized Notifications-

Notifications play a crucial part on any social media platform and customizing notifications is very important cause they can be very irritating some times.

Telegram offers its users a lot of customizing options like muting specific groups or getting only some specific notifications.

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What is the Telegram Group?List of Best Telegram Groups Links - Educational, Premium Accounts 2020

Now before we provide you the list of some best telegram channels lets understand how the group system works in telegram with its benefits.

Telegram groups are very similar to WhatsApp groups but the number of members and customizing options is much more than WhatsApp.

Telegram groups can be of two types mainly names as-

  • Public Group– Basically public groups are those telegram groups that can be directly joined by searching them on Telegram.
  • Private groups- These are groups which can only be joined by invite link and they won’t show up by direct searches.

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List of Best Telegram Groups

Note– We are only providing links of Entertainment, Education, Sports and knowledge groups. We are not providing any adult group links here.

So let’s get into it-

How to Join Telegram Groups (Guide)

As we have discussed everything about the telegram and telegram groups let’s find out how we can join telegram groups to have fun. To join telegram groups there are basically two methods we will talk about both the methods right here.List of Best Telegram Groups Links - Educational, Premium Accounts 2020

Joining any group totally depends upon the type of group as if you want to join a group that is public. Then you just have to type the name of the channel on the search bar of the telegram app and you can join the group simply.

To join a group that is hidden or private then you need to have the invite that you can get by your friend or you can join the group by the above list.

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Features of Telegram Groups


This is a feature that is very helpful for the group owners because managing telegram group can be very difficult sometimes. There are several types of chatbots available on telegram.


Creating a poll is one of the best way to get feedback from your audience. You can make a poll according to your need and then share it in your group.

Pinned Messages-

Pinning messages basically means to pin a message on top of your group so it gets highlighted and your audience can read it easily.

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The Verdict:

Telegram is one of the best social media platforms for people who love group chats and want to learn something new. From Wallpapers to Movies, Knowledge to Entertainment you can find telegram channels related to everything. I hope you’d like this article about Top best Telegram Group links of 2021. You can try them and decide which one suits you the best. We will keep updating the article in the near future So Bookmark this and we will catch you in the next article on Geeks10 Cheers!