Employee Monitoring Software

There is always a level of mistrust between employers and employees. Employers have a great desire to know what their employees are up to. Most of the time they are right, employees are not being as productive as they should be. Get wireless leased lines that offers hybrid Connectivity and Voice solutions that help your business to stay connected to your customers and to your employees.

While one is busy scrolling through numerous pairs of shoes online, another is trying hard to beat levels on the latest game. 

The good news is that you can now make supervision easier by installing employee monitoring software. This tool puts an end to unproductivity by tracking your employees’ activities at the click of a button. Below are some of the benefits of using this software for improved supervision.


Increased Employee Productivity

Research has shown that employee productivity will increase by 7% if they are notified they are being monitored. In 5 minutes, an employer can check the daily report and find problematic areas like procrastination or de-motivation.

When you have found problematic areas, use the following strategies to address those areas for maximum productivity:

  • Provide internal cross-training or tuition assistance to the employees who need education.
  • Find out which tools they need to be more productive and purchase the relevant technology.
  • Emphasize the importance of relationships and teamwork by ensuring everyone is aware of the company’s work ethics, goals, and vision.
  • Strengthen all communication protocols and have your managers become more available to their juniors.
  • Set reasonable goals for them. They are likely to be more productive if they have a clear idea of the goals and you regularly check upon them.

Flexible Supervision of Remote Employees

With remote work now the trend, employers can reduce the costs of setting up a workplace. Even so, remote workers still need supervision as much as their fellow office workers.

By implementing monitoring software, you can easily set up a remote team of specialists to take care of your business. This is after identifying the skills you need and the goals and objectives you want to achieve.

The software makes it easy to conduct cross-training which allows this team of specialists to be your point of contact. They will be in charge of distributing work to the other employees and making sure all deadlines are met.

It also becomes a lot easier to supervise the onboarding and training of new members. Through the use of video meetings and you monitoring their progress, your new employees will fit in within a short time.

Identifying Employee Strengths Made Simple

Monitoring software offers you the opportunity to watch out for employee behavior in the workplace the whole day. This software is powerful in gathering real-time evidence. And while most tools are designed to watch out for wrong behavior, they can also prove useful in spotting dedicated employees.

While monitoring, watch out for these qualities, which are strengths that can be put to good use:

  • Employees who are always coming up with new ideas to improve their work
  • Professionalism. They are well-spoken, calm, and presentable
  • They are honest, dependable, and reliable
  • They can solve conflicts in the workplace
  • Creativity and willingness to learn

Anyone with some or all these qualities can easily be trusted with leadership. Grab that opportunity and start grooming them for a leadership position. They are an asset!

Improve Employer-Employee Trust

Employees need more than a pat on the back from their bosses or a good paycheck to help them invest in their work and do more for the company. Instead, they need genuine trust from their employer, something that remains very rare today.

Mistrust happens when the employer is not able to account for the employees’ time. With a monitoring tool, the level of trust will be rebuilt at a steady pace as the employer constantly monitors and sees that the workers are using their time productively.

Employees, seeing that their employer now trusts them, will strive to make more right decisions, not necessarily out of fear of being monitored, but due to a genuine interest to be productive. It ends up being a win-win situation for the parties involved.

Time To Incorporate An Employee Monitoring Software in Your Company?

The level of mistrust between employers and employees is understandable. Employers can’t account for their workers’ time while employees feel their employers are too demanding. Monitoring software will create balance in this situation.

The employer will be able to see how employees are using their time and in turn, they have an opportunity to prove their productivity.

Ultimately, these tools can help increase productivity, enable the employer to supervise remote employees better, and help spot and reward dedicated workers accordingly. There’s no sound reason not to add this tool to your systems.