Star Wars Battlefront 2 First vs Third Person

Battlefront 2 is a pretty fun game. What makes it more fun is when you know to perform your very best. So today, I would like to share some gameplay tips with you guys.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 First vs Third Person



The third person has come a very long way since the old Battlefront 2. Back then, at a very long-range, your shots were actually less accurate and would hit a different point than where you are aiming. They would go past your point of aim, and you would need to design by where you see them hitting. At the same time, you got much better visibility thanks to the third person camera, so it was a good trade-off.

This is no longer the case. The third-person camera modes in newer games are much better and are equally accurate to the first-person style. Your point of aim is always specific.

The main advantage of third-person mode is increased visibility. You can use your camera to check corners and look over your cover without being open to enemy fire. This is a fantastic feature for campers, but it’s also perfect for anti-camping. You can check your corners with the third-person camera to see if there’s a camper, which removes any advantage they had by getting the drop on you.

There is only one pro to using the first person. It is more zoomed-in because your camera is less far back. This can help with your aim at long ranges. The difference is very minimal, though.

Also, the first person feels colder to me, but that’s not exactly an advantage. I advise you to try out either and pick which one feels better or you play the best with. Overall though, I’d say that third person is better.

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There are a few mechanics to aiming that you may not have known about.

First of all, in Battlefront your hip fire is much more accurate then in other games like Call of Duty. In COD, your bullets can hit anywhere within your hip fire reticle. This is not the case in Battlefront. Your first shots hit the middle of your reticle, and begin to spread more as you shoot.

Iron sighting, which just zooms in if you don’t have a scope or anything, does reduce recoil and bullet spread. Note that it does lower your mobility. But if you are able to stand still or move more slowly and shoot, you want to sight in to land more shots by having a closer group.

Lastly, crouching also increases accuracy, stacking with sighting in. It is less important then sighting in, but it is still a small buff. So if you are shooting at long range and can afford the decreased mobility, you want to crouch and aim down sight for maximum accuracy.

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Thanks for reading my short little post on Star Wars Battlefront 2! If you have any questions or would like to talk about the game feel free to leave a comment below, and feel free to follow us on social media or WordPress to be notified when new posts come out.