How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S22 Internet Keeps Stopping

Samsung Galaxy S22 Internet Keeps Stopping: Samsung Galaxy S22 is one of the best Android phones. It is a feature-loaded smartphone that offers much more than typical Android devices. The Galaxy S22 series is the latest arrival from Samsung. These are Samsung’s flagship phones. It has three variants S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra. There is a very rare case when the internet stops due to hardware. Because the hardware is faulty the internet will not work at all.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Internet stops working. Well, this is a common solution that occurs in smartphones. Most are caused by software bugs. Other times, it’s due to the back end at our WiFi routers or ISPs. So, we consider this as a software bug that can be fixed easily. We are bringing some solutions through which you can get Samsung Galaxy S22 Internet stopped.


How To Resolve Galaxy S22 Internet Keeps Stopping:

Here are some solutions that can fix the error at hand. Moreover, many users have posted these solutions to fix Galaxy S22 connected to Wifi but no internet error. Here are all the solutions.

1. Force Restart Your Galaxy S22:

Force Restart Your Galaxy S22

The first thing you should do is force restart your phone to refresh the memory. It also reloads all apps and services for similar issues. Such a solution has proven to be very effective; Here’s how it happened Press and hold the Volume Down button and the Power key for eight seconds. This will trigger your phone to power back up and shut down. When the logo appears, release both keys and wait for the reboot to complete. After the restart, open the Internet and see if the issue is resolved.

2. Uninstall Internet and Reinstall a Fresh Copy:

Uninstall Internet and Reinstall a Fresh Copy

Most of the time resetting the app will fix that problem. However, if the app keeps crashing even after doing the second solution. Then you need to completely remove it from your phone and reinstall a fresh copy, here’s how.

  • Pull up the app drawer and go to the screen with the Internet.
  • To hold its icon until the options menu appears.
  • Tap Uninstall and tap OK to confirm.
  • After the app is successfully uninstalled.
  • Launch Gallery Store.
  • Search for Samsung Internet Browser.
  • Tap on the download icon and wait for the app to install successfully. After installation, the problem should already be solved.

3. Clear the Cache and Data of Internet App:

Clear the Cache and Data of Internet App

If the force restart fails to fix the problem, then it’s time for you to reset the app. All you need to do to reset an internet app is to clear its cache and data, which removes the corrupted cache and data files and replaces them with new ones.

  • Pull up that app drawer and search for Internet
  • Tap on the app info icon to open its settings
  • Find and tap Storage.
  • Tap Clear Cache.
  • Clear data and tap OK to confirm. After clearing its cache and data, launch it to see if the issue is resolved.

4. Factory reset your phone:

Factory reset your phone

You can attempt factory resetting your smartphone. Make sure you have a backup of your files before applying this method, as this process will wipe all your storage from your phone.

  • To open your app drawer and then press and go to the Settings
  • Navigate to general maintenance and step on reset to view option
  • Tap on Factory Data Reset. In the next window, scroll down and tap on Reset, then enter the security lock to confirm the action.
  • Tap on Delete All and enter your password, then tap on the OK button.

5. Update the Internet browsers:

Update the Internet browsers

Usually, users have this problem with Samsung’s default browser, but other browsers also have this problem.

  • Open your App Store and you can explore for Browser Internet
  • If there is any update option for any browser, tap on it
  • Update all your browsers in the same manner.
  • Check if the issue is resolved

6. Turn off WiFi Assist:

Turn off WiFi Assist

WiFi Assist is an amazing feature. If the internet connection is unstable, this feature automatically switches to another network. If no other WiFi network is available, it will switch to mobile data. Galaxy S22 internet keeps stopping issue can be solved by disabling this feature.

7. Log out from your Samsung account and to relog it again:

Log out from your Samsung account and log in again

The cause of this problem may be your Samsung mobile account. Try logging in and logging out of the account in again.

  • Then go to your app drawer and then swab on the Settings app
  • select your Samsung account and navigate to the Accounts option.
  • Press the three dots icon at the top and you can remove the account
  • Confirm this action and restart your phone
  • Log in to your Samsung account when you get the prompt on your device screen
  • Check if the issue is resolved


It’s really disappointing that a smartphone with this price tag has a network problem. Hope the troubleshooting methods helped you and you succeeded in getting rid of the problem. Unfortunately, if the issue is not resolved, you should try connecting with customer care for further assistance.