Rooting apps
Rooting Apps

Are you looking for the Best Rooting Apps 2018 for your Android mobile?  OR Are you wondering How to root your Android Mobile without breaking its Operating System?

Well, there are many one-click rooting apps available for android mobiles to root but most of them cannot give proper result. Some of them even ruin your Mobile’s firmware. You can root your mobile With or Without PC. In this article, we are gonna list the Top 3 Rooting Apps which may root your mobile without any sort of problem.


What is Rooting?

In simple words, Rooting is a process of taking the complete control of your smartphone without being struck with the manufacturer’s Limit.  

With Rooting you can achieve whatever you want on your android mobile. Rooting helps to unlock your mobile to work to its full potential.

Many people root their mobiles because of the following reasons:

  • Firstly, You can install Custom ROM on your device. NO need to wait for any updates, With custom ROM you can flash any ROM of your choice on your mobile phone.
  • It helps to get rid off useless system Apps. This is one of the major reason people root their mobiles.
  • After rooting you can move any apps to SD card storage without any hassle.

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BEST 3 Rooting Apps:

As I mentioned earlier, Rooting can be done with or without PC. The applications we are going to list here can root your mobile phone without computer or Laptop. Also, there is no cent percent success rate in any of the rooting apps.

If you can root your mobile with a single click it will save you a ton of time. So give these applications a try. These best-rooting applications are listed based on the success rate of rooting. Top 3 Rooting apps are:

  • iRoot
  • kingo Root
  • KingRoot

For installing any of this application you need to check the unknown sources from settings >> security >> unknown sources.

Unknown Sources
Unknown Sources


Rooting apps

->  The iRoot application is the easiest and the fastest rooting application in this list. You can root and unroot your mobile in a single click.

-> This iRoot Supports Android as well as Windows platform.

Download iRoot for Android:

Download Button

Download iRoot for Windows:

Download Button

-> You can also check your device is supported for rooting with this application from the list here.

-> Using this iRoot Application more than 3.5 Million devices get rooted.

Kingo Root:

Rooting apps
Kingo Root

-> This is the most popular One click Rooting application than any other application in this list.

-> It can root any version of Android but you mobile’s manufacturer don not locks the bootloader of your mobile device.

-> This also supports Android and Windows Application. You can download kingo root from here:

Download Kingo Root for Android:

Download Button

Download Kingo Root for Windows:

Download Button

-> This application is very lite any do not consume your device memory.

-> You can check the supported devices list here.

-> Like all application, you can also unroot your device with one click.


Rooting apps
King Root

-> KingRoot is another popular Rooting Application which has all the features of the above mentioned rooting application.

-> This Application has the most number of supported devices [More than 104K devices].

-> You can download KingRoot from the below links:

Download KingRoot for Windows:

Download Button

Download KingRoot for Android:

Download Button


Rooting apps
King Root

That’s it. For me, iRoot works most of the times than the other two. If one application fails to root your device, check with another two applications. Hope you like this Top Rooting Apps article. If you do so, kindly share this article with your friends.

Sharing is Caring. Do share.  If you have any difficulties let us know in the comment below. Cheers!

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