Red Dead Redemption 2: Guide for Beginners (Latest)

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a huge game, one can literally get lost in the number of possibilities. Therefore, this guide contains tips that will help novice players feel more comfortable, get used to the game and, of course, get money – without them, you will end up dead in the Wild West.


Collect all items

Be sure to collect loot from all corpses. At the very beginning of the game, there will be two skirmishes, after which it is advisable to search all the dead enemies, even if your partners tell you to hurry up. This will make the second chapter seem a little easier. Loot anytime, anywhere, the minimap will help you with this.

The same goes for items. Don’t walk past tables, cabinets, safes, drawers, and even fireplaces (money is often hidden in chimneys). Money may not be everywhere, but you can be rewarded with provisions and other items.

If you follow this advice, you will always have some cash and a lot of value to sell to the buyer – you will meet him in the story near the beginning of the game.

Hunting and herbalism are the best way to make money early in the game

Herbs can be sold to doctors and animal carcasses (or skins, meat, and other trophies) to hunters – the first one you will find on the way to Strawberry. This is not a difficult task and is legal, which will also add to your inventory. Fishing will be added to this list later.

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Do not rush to main missions

Red Dead Redemption 2 loves to suddenly turn everything upside down. Even an ordinary-looking storyline task can end in such a way that you lose a lot or even drop out of the open world for three hours. You can also miss out on some of the side quests. Therefore, first, it is better to start by exploring a dense study of the world – then the plot.

One of the main things you can achieve by exploring is turning up at the places you have no idea exist. There was a case of a very famous glitch in the game for example where you could end up in Canada, but sometimes there are also secret ways to get there. It was very interesting that this case was very well-used by famous online casino providers in Canada. Most notably PlayAmo Canada decided to come up with an original marketing idea – whoever ended up in the North American country and proved it with a screenshot or a selfie, would receive a very unique bonus code designed for Western-type casino games.

Upgrade your starting horse, don’t buy new ones

The horse in Red Dead Redemption 2 is your faithful partner and companion. But in many cities, horses are sold that surpass your first horse. However, you should not spend money on them, but it is better to improve communication with your own. Feed your horse, take good care of it, buy new equipment for it and then its health and stamina will grow. And you won’t notice any difference at all.

The exception is elite horses, which will appear much later. You will have to re-establish communication with them, but their parameters will also please you. On the other hand, there is not a single situation in the game where the starting horse’s abilities are insufficient.

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Check the mission log

The game has a huge number of missions, some are hard to keep track of. You can use the map to find them. The main quests are marked with yellow dots, side quests – white. But there is an easier way. If you press the left arrow on the main screen, a log will appear, which contains all the challenges, missions, and notifications. And if you hold the left arrow, Arthur’s journal will open, in which you can read about the events of the game from his point of view. It’s easy to forget about it, believe me.

If the game tells you not to go somewhere – listen

This applies to military forts, Blackwater, and other locations from the first part. There, bounty hunters will instantly attack you. Don’t worry – you won’t miss anything important there, and after the game finale, you will be allowed to explore these regions.

Take your time to improve the camp

The main practical benefit of the camp is restocking before going out into the world. But if you carefully search every corpse, then you will almost always have everything in abundance. Therefore, do not consider it your duty to improve the camp. However, some upgrades are worth getting soon. For example, to move quickly without a stagecoach or train, you need to upgrade Dutch and Arthur’s tents ($220 and $325, respectively).

Don’t forget the bandana

When running away from law enforcement officers, be sure to wear a bandana. Yes, it will not make you invisible, but thanks to it, Arthur’s face will not be associated with criminals and you will not be instantly declared an outlaw for your head. But keep in mind – after some time you will still be recognized.

Help strangers on the road

Poor fellows bitten by snakes, hunters trapped in a trap, lost travelers – help everyone. Who knows where else you will meet them and how they will reward you. Later they can give you a free weapon or a suit, for example. Kindness returns in RDR 2.

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Clean your weapons

Weapons in RDR 2 wear out. You cannot lose them, but the characteristics drop dramatically over time. Dealing with this is easy – just wipe the cannon with gun oil, which is picked up from corpses or bought from merchants. You can take your arsenal to a gunsmith for cleaning – it’s not expensive.

Dress for the weather

Another mechanic that is easy to forget is that in hot regions, dress lightly, in cold regions, wear warm clothes. From overheating or hypothermia, your characteristics will drop greatly.

Do not ask for trouble

This is a top tip – especially for the early stages of the game. You will often be called to a duel, provoked into shooting or fights. Including in cities. Don’t get fooled! Even if it was not you who started the mess, the fine may fall on you. The lawyers do not know who started first, but they see the corpse and Morgan with bloody hands. More often it is better to remain silent and just walk by.