Ps5 Controller Not Connect to Pc

The PS5 controller is exclusively for the PS5 console, so you can’t use it very effectively with other systems like PC or laptops because it shows some issues. However, if you put in some effort, you can easily connect your PS5 controller with your PC. This can happen primarily because PCs are very user-friendly and have a robust yet flexible system.

Additionally, if even after a few attempts, the Ps5 Controller not connect to Pc, the main problem is incorrect configuration. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the reasons that lead to this problem. Also, we list all the possible solutions to deal with such a situation. So, keep reading to know more.


How to fix the PS5 controller not connect to PC?

Now let’s dive into the hacks that will help you fix all the reasons that lead to the PS5 controller not working on PC. These solutions are very straightforward to follow and do not require much of your time and energy. So, follow them one by one. However, if you identify the problem early, it will be easier for you to solve them.

1. Try restarting your PS5 console:

Try restarting your PS5 console

It may sound unusual, but by restarting your PS5 console, you can easily fix all the glitches and errors that indirectly affect your PS5 controller. This may help as these glitches can later be transferred to the PC via the controller. So, to follow this hack, below are the steps you should consider:

  • First, turn off your PS5 console.
  • Now, unplug all the connected cables.
  • Wait 30 seconds and then plug all cables back in.
  • Turn on your PS5 console and try to connect your controller to your PC and you will definitely see efficient results.

2. Try double-checking your Bluetooth devices:

Try double-checking your Bluetooth devices

Another important hack is to check and restart your Bluetooth device. It will fix all errors and problems related to your Bluetooth device. So, to do that, you simply turn off and then turn on your PC Bluetooth and then try to pair it with your device. Follow the steps for quick results:

  • First, go to the Settings app on your PC using the Windows search box and click on Bluetooth & other devices.
  • Now turn off the BlueTooth switch and turn it on to reboot or refresh.
  • Another way is to add another Bluetooth device and check if it works. This way, you will be able to know if there is any problem with the Bluetooth device or if there is any other reason.

3. Try hard resetting your PS5 controller:

Try hard resetting your PS5 controller

Hard resetting your PS5 controller is always an important step in solving all kinds of problems at any time. So, follow the steps given below:

  • The first and most important step is to turn off your console and then turn on your PS5 controller.
  • Now, press and hold the button on the hole of your controller for about 5 seconds. You can use a toothpick or any tip tool to do so. This step resets your controller.
  • Finally, connect the controller back to the PS5 using the connection and you will surely see the problem solved.

4. Try installing your PS5 controller in steam on a PC:

Try installing your PS5 controller in steam on a PC

First, open the Steam client on your PC, and then go to Settings to open the Controller tab in the top-left corner. Then, go to General Controller Settings, after that then log in to your account to register your device. Next, adjust the joysticks and change the preferences there. Finally, use the dropdown to select PlayStation Configuration to remap the controller in games. You can also use the Settings Controller tab to do so.

5. Try forgetting and then re-pairing your controller:

Try forgetting and then re-pairing your controller

If even after following the above-mentioned hacks, you still can’t fix the problem, forget your controller and follow the steps given below to repair it again:

  • First, go to Settings and go to Devices. Select Bluetooth devices
  • Now, select the DualSense option.
  • Now forget the device by pressing the Options button on your controller and then selecting Forget Device This will remove your controller from your console’s memory.
  • Next, pair your controller again.
  • Finally, use the USB cable to connect the controller to the USB cable. Note that you will turn off your console before following the step. Or you can press the PS button to turn on your controller and repair it in a very easy way.

6. Try using some other USB cable:

As mentioned earlier, faults in your USB cable and port can also create annoying problems like the PS5 controller not connecting or working on a PC. To detect this problem, it is always best to use another USB cable and USB ports individually and connect them with your system to check its functionality. If they are working fine for you, the problem is definitely behind the previous sport or cable.


There are multiple hacks to fix the PS5 controller not working on PC. We discussed the above methods in detail in this guide to comprehend them sufficiently. Follow them one by one but we suggest you to identify the problem first and choose the hack accordingly. This will save you both time and energy.