Project Free TV Alternatives 2020: Unblocked ProjectFreeTV
Project Free TV Alternatives 2020: Unblocked ProjectFreeTV

Project Free TV Alternatives: Most of them search for the websites which allow them to stream movies or TV shows online for free. One of the websites which stream movies online for free is Project Free TV. As in the name itself you can see free, this site allows the users to watch free Live TV series and movies. It won’t ask the user to pay any subscription like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other websites.

Project Free TV website has a huge collection of TV Shows and this is why most of them prefer this website to stream online. However, in many countries, this website is considered an illegal website. And in a few countries, streaming copyright content is illegal so the government blocks those types of websites.

If your country is not having Project Free TV website legally, then you can use other several websites. There are so many websites available on the internet which allows you to stream movies online. If you are looking for an alternative to then you have come to the right place. Check out the following list of Websites like Project Free TV.

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Project Free TV Sites Alternatives 2020

Here are a few websites like Project Free TV that you can access to watch free movies and TV shows for free.

1. Tubi TV


One of the most popular websites is Tubi TV where you can watch free movies and TV shows. Tubi TV is a similar website to This TV which allows the user to watch the video without paying. This website has more collections and it has all popular movies and TV shows. There are so many classic movies which you can watch on this website.


2. Popcornflix


Popcornflix website is one of the best websites to watch free movies and TV shows online. Earlier, the name of the website was Popcorn and later it was changed to Popcornflix. The website has a huge collection of TV Shows and Movies which you can watch it for free without paying any money.


3. Classic Cinema Online


If you won’t find your favorite movie anywhere then you can find that movie on this website. Classic Cinema Online website is similar to the Project Free TV website. On this website, you can watch movies for free. Here you will see a decent collection of movies from mid-1990 and you will also see so many silent movies also. The user can see classic movies as well as so many popular TV shows. Some of the movies which you can watch here are Captain Scarlet, Dancing Pirate, Pinocchio, Creature From The Haunted Sea and many more. There are different categories available like Animated, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, and Family. There is a different section for Silent Films also.


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4. Viewster


Viewster has a different working mode as compared to Project Free TV. This website has more video demand service than the streaming website. However, Viewster has a huge library of movies and TV shows. This website is completely legal with all working links. The website was founded in 2007 and became one of the most popular sites for them who were unable to watch movies and TV shows which are not available on other websites. You can also request for a movie or a show which you want to watch and the developers will arrange it in a few days. shameless project free tv

Viewster site has a good collection of Anime content movies and TV Shows. To use this website you don’t need to do any registration or subscription.


5. Sony Crackle


Sony Crackle is a website that has all the popular movies produced by Sony. It is a similar website to Project Free TV as it has a great collection of movies. The user will also find so many Sony-owned movies and TV Shows on this website. Earlier, Sony Crackle was known as “Crackle”. As all the Tv shows and movies are provided by Sony so everything is legal on this website to watch it for free.

Sony Crackle will ask you to register on their website to watch movies. All this procedure is free and after registering you can get access to watch movies and shows. However, there are few countries where this site is not available. But, if then also you want to use this site then you can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).


6. Unblocked Project Free TV

If you want to unblock project-free tv for your particular location then we recommend you to go with VPN services. There are lots of VPN providers on the internet that you can use to change your location and easily unblock the free project tv with all channels.

7. Project Free tv Rick and Morty


There are many forums and websites from where you can download and watch Rick and Morty all seasons for free in 2020. Reddit is one of my favorite spots to stream Rick and Morty all one to four seasons for free.

8. Project Free TV Game of Thrones

Who loves the game of thrones? Let us know in the comment section and we will send you all seasons with full episodes in HD to your mailbox.

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The Verdict:

So, these are some of the best Websites Like Project Free TV to watch movies and TV shows for free. If you have used this website and want to use similar websites then try out anyone from the given list and start watching your favorite movies and TV Shows. We hope this article was helpful to you. Cheers!