PDF Reader Apps

Best PDF Reader Apps: Most documents or forms you download online are in PDF format. PDF stands for Portable Document format, and due to its portability, the format is highly prevalent. There are many popular PDF readers available for Windows. Android devices may not be able to open PDF files by default if they don’t have a PDF reader installed.

Most PDF readers are only suitable for reading and editing office documents but don’t provide satisfactory experience while reading ebooks. Here, we have compiled a list of best Android PDF reader apps to read, edit and share documents with ease.


Best PDF Reader Apps 2020

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Reader is a common choice for many users when it comes to PDF reading and editing. With Adobe Reader, you can open up any PDF files stored on your SD card, Google Drive, emails, or phone memory. The app can scan for all the PDFs on your device and make them available under the “Local” tab. Apart from PDF viewing, you can use the app to edit the PDF files and add text comments, highlight sentences, sign the document, etc. Users can also sign forms through e-signing by using their touchscreen.

The app doesn’t display any ads.

2. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

Xodo has a fast PDF viewing engine and provides smooth navigation. Users can access any PDF files from their documents, or a webpage, and create new PDF files and add them to a new folder. You can annotate your documents, highlight and underline text, add signature, arrows, circles, delete or rotate pages, etc. It can automatically sync your edited PDF files to the Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

pdf app download: The app features a multi-tab document viewer, full-screen mode, bookmarks, a night mode for reading in low-light, and you can even set screen sleep mode. Moreover, you can open an existing image to create a new PDF, or convert JPG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF files into PDFs. This highly featured app is one of the best PDF apps for Android. Furthermore, it is ad-free.

3. Foxit PDF Reader & Converter

This PDF reader for Android provides all the necessary features for PDF viewing and editing. Compared to other PDF viewers, the app is lightweight and has a fast interface. It allows you to share your edited PDFs directly to Facebook, or Twitter. You will also get ConnectedPDF support for collaborative work, annotations, comments, and edits on a team’s file. Moreover, Foxit reader 2020 Android PDF reader has cloud support that lets you download and upload PDFs from popular storage providers. You can also scan, capture, and convert paper documents to PDFs.

4. Google PDF Viewer

Google PDF Viewer is the official Android PDF viewer by Google. It is lightweight and has only a few necessary features. However, it works reasonably well. Apart from opening and reading PDF files, you can search for particular words or phrases inside the document, zoom in, select specific text for copying, etc. It integrates PDFs to Google Drive. Also, note that it won’t show any app icon on your launcher. You will get an option to open PDFs with the Google PDF Viewer when you try to open them.

The app doesn’t display ads.

5. EBookDroid – PDF & DJVU Reader

EBookDroid is another lightweight and ad-free PDF app for Android. It works quite well as an ebook reader too. The app supports DjVu, PDF, XPS, EPUB, RTF, MOBI, and many other file formats. This Android PDF reader offers features like split pages, manually crop margins, select or highlight texts, add notes, and free-hand annotations, etc. Moreover, it has a lot of customizable options. You can change the interface style, customize the gesture shortcuts, adjust the format, etc.

If you face any kind of difficulty while executing the steps or if you know of a better method to do it, then please let us know about it in the comments section below. These best PDF reader apps will surely help you a lot