OnlyFans Premium Accounts & Subscription For FREE (Working)
OnlyFans Premium Accounts & Subscription For FREE (Working)

Are you the one who’s excited to know the secrets of getting OnlyFans Account or subscription for absolutely nothing? Well, there are no secrets behind this as it is not possible. But, there are some ways to check your favorite celebrity profile. But before we continue, We want you to clear each and every aspect of OnlyFans.

In the last few months, OnlyFans gained around 60,000 new creators as reported in a mail of the respective company. In the first two weeks of March alone there was a 75% increase from the normal level and the company reported 3.5 million new signups in March alone.

This information was given by Blake Montgomery, through his twitter handle since when it became a hot topic on social media. During this pandemic, people throughout the world suffered a huge economic loss, which made people search for online income sources.

With that people are currently deprived of meeting new people, hanging out, and other opportunities like physical gratification, which together helped only fans to rise quite fast in this amid COVID-19 lockdown situation.

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What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a social media platform, based in London, launched in 2016 for social media performers to allow their followers to subscribe for a monthly fee to see their clips and photos.

It’s a London based company that hosted content creators such as physical fitness experts, chefs, and musicians. Thanks to its content creators, because of whom this platform is more towards the adult industry. Pornography is allowed, mainly used by pornographers of various age groups.

How do Companies and their Creators Earn?

OnlyFans provides a content subscription membership plan to each user, in which they are allowed to see their respective content creator’s photos, videos, and whatever they post in there.

Well, the main twist in here is Fans need to subscribe and pay to a particular creator for having access to their content, According to Wikipedia it allows content creators to receive funding directly from their fans on a monthly basis as well as on tips and pay-per-view (PPV) feature, which led to great interest for the creators to join this platform.

The company takes in 20% of the payout from users and the rest 80% belong to the creators itself. The company says it paid around $700 to $800 million to its creators.

A creator in there with around 10-12k followers can earn $500 to $3,000 a month.

Thus in this kind of easy to earn situation it became a good platform for many creators to join in.

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Growing on OnlyFans

Similar to any other social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, you need to keep producing quality content regularly to keep your followers subscribed. Posting regular content will help you reach more and more new users and finally earn more.

According to OnlyFans itself, your earning forecast really depends on the quantity and quality content you upload, and the more you post the more incentive there is for your fans to subscribers.

Is OnlyFans Secured?

OnlyFans uses third party platform for their payments, which means you card and account details are not being stored by OnlyFans.

Thus payment information is not being stored by the company itself. However, when we come to other factors like data breach and it’s security OnlyFans lots around 1.6TB of data have leaked and were found on various sites around the Internet.

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How To Get OnlyFans Subscription for Free?

There is no way to get only fans subscriptions for free. If you are landing on sites where the authors are claiming to complete the surveys and get your account then my dear friends you are falling in the rat traps. Currently, There is No APK and MOD for OnlyFans. So be aware before falling for the scams.

OnlyFans Premium Accounts 2021

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So with the downfall of TikTok, this platform might have enjoyed a lot of benefit yet it’s you who will decide it’s future. Probably you are the one who landed at OnlyFans through your favorite Instagram celebrities. Well, the Case can be anything. But there is no way to get the OnlyFans Account of Subscription for free. We will add more free OnlyFans Premium Accounts free soon. Thanks!