Netflix Download Limit

In 2016, Netflix announced that users could download any web series, movie, or TV show for offline viewing on their smartphone. This feature soon became very popular because they can view content even without an internet connection. Netflix offers its customers daily entertainment with a number of series, movies, and documentaries that they can stream online anywhere, anytime. Due to its growing popularity among the public, Netflix has finally introduced a download feature in its app.

This allows users to watch videos offline. This feature is well received by Netflix India users as the internet connection here is not always strong and people prefer to download and watch it instead of streaming. Although offline downloading is useful to its users in many ways, it also comes with some limitations. Netflix has some specific download limit errors. Read this article to know more about what the download limit is and what you can do to get it.


What’s The Netflix Download Limit?

What’s The Netflix Download Limit?

This download limit is set to limit users’ total downloads. They can not download most movies or shows. According to the Netflix support page, individuals can download up to 100 titles on the device. Once you have completed 100 downloads, you will not be able to download more on that particular device. Also, it depends on the subscription plan you have, which will allow similar downloads on other devices as well. These downloads also come with an expiration date, which varies depending on their licensing agreement with Netflix.

However, users will be notified 7 days in advance so that they can restore the download or view & delete it from their downloads. Given how popular Netflix is ​​as a movie/show streaming site, one wonders why they set a download limit. It charges its customers a lot of money monthly for its services, so ideally, they can download as much as they want. Since it is not so, let’s see the reason for it.

Why Does Netflix Have A Download Limit?

Why Does Netflix Have A Download Limit?

Although we now see many Netflix originals, it still contains many screenplays, movies, and documentaries from different creators. These creators are licensed for these shows and this is also the reason why downloads are limited. It depends on the license holder and Netflix does not have the freedom to disclose that information to users. They will only be notified when it is finally downloaded.

Also, not all content has an identical extinction date. Some may expire in 48 hours, others may be a few weeks. This often causes inconvenience to users who view offline content later. So even if you download the content again, you can only download a certain number of it and you will have to wait for some time to download it again.

Common Netflix Download Limit Errors You Might Face:

When you try to download too many videos to watch online, you encounter several errors:

  • You have too multiple downloaded videos (Netflix error code:10016-22005):

Netflix only allows 100 titles to be downloaded on the device, so if you try to download more you will get an error about it. It tells you that there are too many downloaded videos on your device. So, you need to delete some of those videos to continue downloading.

  • You have downloaded it on similarly multiple devices (Error code: 10016-23000):

Netflix has various subscription plans for its users to download simultaneously on one, two, or four devices. If the user tries to go beyond the download limit, he will encounter an error message stating that they have downloaded on most devices. Therefore, they must first remove those downloads or subscribe to a new plan that supports more devices and download a new one.

  • You have got the annual download limitation for this video (10016-22007 – Error Code):

The user may not be allowed to download the same title over and over again by Netflix account due to a licensing agreement with the original creator of the content. So, when you reach the limit, you will get an error message stating that you have reached your download limit this year. You can re-download the title only after waiting for a period of time given by Netflix.

How You Can Resolve These Netflix Errors?

How You Can Resolve These Netflix Errors?

  • How to Fix Netflix’s “You have downloaded on too many devices” Error?

To overcome the error ‘You have downloaded on many devices, you need to remove the downloaded content from your Android devices. And then, you can start anew by downloading new videos on the same or new device, whichever is best for you. You can follow the steps given below:

Step1:Open your Netflix account and go to the profile icon in the top right corner of the website. Then go to Netflix-Account-Settings.

Step2:Then, select the ‘Manage Download Devices’ option which you can see under ‘Settings’. A page will open where you can see the connected devices and their downloaded content.

Step3:You can also remove your old downloads and devices with the ‘Remove Device’ option now available.

Step4:Now you can enjoy downloading more videos on your new device.

Use Netflix Smart Downloads To Manage Downloaded Content:

Use Netflix Smart Downloads To Manage Downloaded Content

The app has introduced a ‘smart download’ option to help its users better manage their downloaded content. Choosing videos to download and delete again while watching the series can be annoying, so here’s a smart download option to help you. This will download the next episode of the series and at the same time automatically delete what you saw.

However, it is only for works with smart TV and Android users. You can enable this feature by going to your Downloads section and selecting the Smart Downloads option in the upper left corner. However, episodes will only be deleted/downloaded if there are more episodes left. After reaching the last episode, you have to delete it.


Now you know enough about Netflix and its hassle-free, video-streaming experience. Even if you can overcome other errors, you may have to wait a long time to download the video again so keep in mind how many times you should not download it. Otherwise, you can continue to enjoy its content as usual. So we hope the information provided above is definitely helpful to you.