Netflix Bin List 2020: Everything about Netflix Bin for Free
Netflix Bin List 2020: Everything about Netflix Bin for Free

Everyone loved to get things for free as everything is expensive these days. And when anyone comes to know about free Netflix BINs people just rush on it. There are different ways to get a free account like ask your friend to share the account or find some random premium Netflix account. So, here in this article, we will show you how to get Netflix Bins for free.


What are the Bins?

Bin is the first 6 digits of a credit card number which is known as Issuer Identification Number(IIN). Earlier it was known as Bank identification number (BIN). BIN or IIN identify the institution that issued the card to the card-holder.

All the online dealers use the Bin list to help verify the credit card transactions. Like, if the credit card’s BIN number shows the bank in one country while the billing address of the customer is different, then the transaction may call for extra scrutiny.

Many hackers use these BINs to generate credit cards through credit card generator websites. Once they generate credit cards, then they can use it to get free stuff. However, this is illegal, so don’t depend on this.

Netflix Bins: Everything About Bins

What is Netflix Bin?

There are different BINs that you can use on Netflix to get premium accounts for free. Netflix BINs ask for a specific IP address and the user details to work successfully. The other way to get access to premium accounts is to use the premium Netflix cookies.

There are two types of BINs Netflix which are shown below:

  • BIN Netflix Direct: Use this BIN directly on Netflix website when you Sign up for a new account.
  • Netflix PayPal BIN: Use this BIN through PayPal when you create a new account.

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How to Use Bin to Create Free Netflix Accounts?

So, we have explained to you about BINs. Now check out how to use BINs to generate the credit cards and use it to get Netflix Premium accounts.

Follow the steps and use BINs to create free Netflix accounts.

  • First, open the credit card generator website.
  • Enter your BIN
  • Change the CVV/ Expiry Date if it is mentioned or leave it.
  • Now, click on, Generate Cards.
  • You will see a credit cards, open the CC Checker like etc.
  • Now, paste the generated cards.
  • Repeat till you find the Live Credit Card
  • Open the Netflix website.
  • Sign up for a free trial
  • choose credit card as a payment method
  • Paste the Live Credit Card on the payment page
  • That’s it! You have got the Netflix Pro Account.

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List of Netflix Bins of 2020

  • Working BIN for Netflix
    Country: USA
    Any VPN / Browser
  • Netflix Latest BIN
    IP USA
    ZIP 10001
  • 551128xxxxxxxxxx
    IP NewZealand
  • BIN: 495971x3xxxxxxx6
    FECHA: 04/19
    CCV: 483
    IP: USA
  • BIN: 519404xxxxxxxxxx
    IP: USA
  • BIN: 520995xxxxxxxxxx
    IP: USA
    ZIP: 10001


So This is all about “Netflix Bin for 2020”. We hope now the concept of Bins is clear and you have a clear picture of Bins and how people used to make accounts using these bins. If you liked our efforts do like this article and share it with others.