Free Netflix Premium Accounts & Passwords 2020
Free Netflix Premium Accounts & Passwords 2020

Do you have any idea about what Netflix is and how to get a Netflix account in cheap? Then this is the right article that satisfies your hunger. We will share the method about how to get a 100% Working Netflix account for free with username E-Mail and Password in 2020.


What is Netflix?

Are you a college student or working as an employee? Do you ever feel that you cannot watch the serials or shows on time when they are telecasting? Then here is the answer to your question. Nowadays most of the people are going to work so that they cannot watch their favorite shows on time.

Netflix is one of the most immeasurable ways to entertain people. Netflix is subscription-based streaming(streaming is the continuous transmission of audio or video files) that allows it to stream worldwide. It includes not only serial or shows, but also it allows you to watch the movies, cine awards function, etc.

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Features of Netflix Premium

Netflix allows you to watch your favorite shows as much as you want and anytime without any restrictions.Why not people will admire this? You can enjoy this streaming service across the world irrespective of time and location. What will you do when you are out of the internet?

NetFlix provides a facility to watch your shows on offline also, you can use the downloads to watch. Every week there is always something new to discover, new movies are getting updated.

Free Netflix Accounts 2021

Yes, in every service there is an initial free trial version, which allows us to use service free of cost. Netflix also gives you a free trial version of 30 days. There are no commitments. You can cancel this free trial at any time. If you fancy this Netflix trial, you can continue to use it, by creating an account on Netflix. I know what you will think now, you may ask How to get a Netflix account for cheap?

Free Netflix Premium Accounts & Passwords 2020
Free Netflix Premium Accounts & Passwords 2020

Here is the answer to your question, read this article further I will discuss some of the methods with you. Hey! wait, Before that let me explain to you about the subscription plan for Netflix. Netflix wants more users in India, Usually, Netflix provides you with four plans like Mobile, Basic, Standard, Premium.

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Netflix Premium Streaming Plans Free

Let me tell you how each plan differs from each other.


There were some of the features which are restricted in this mobile plan. You can get this plan by paying just Rs.199 HD and U-HD streaming is not available in this plan and you cannot watch any series on laptop or television. It is supported only in android devices. In this plan, you can watch only one screen at a time but you can watch unlimited movies or the tv-shows. You can cancel this plan at any time and you can use this plan in a free trial for 30 days also.


You can get this plan by paying Rs.499. HD and UHD are also not supported for this plan. By this plan, you can watch on laptops and television but this is also supported for Android devices.


This plan supports HD videos but not UHD, you can watch both on your laptops and android devices. It supports multiple screens that you can watch two simultaneous viewings. Recharge this plan with  Rs. 649


Unlike other plans, there is no restriction on premium. You can watch shows and movies in HD and Ultra HD also. You can gaze at four screens at a time which means when you watch your show on TV while your friends can stream the shows on his/her tablet. You can get this by paying Rs.799.You can have a free trial for 30 days in all the above plans, once 30 days trial is completed you will pay the amount according to your plans.

This subscription plan differs from other countries.

Are you a Netflix user? Then here is the good news for you, You can get your plan in 5 rupees for 30 days. Looks cool right!

Plan Price Screens Quality
Basic $9 1 SD
Standard $13 2 HD
Premium $16 4 Ultra HD

FOR WHAT THESE  5 RUPEES PLAN? It’s like a 5 Star right!

There are only a limited number of users in India, as the people cannot afford the full amount for the subscription plan. So they came out with the new plan for a subscription.

The best thing about this plan is it’s the price, this is the cheapest price. To increase the subscribers they have introduced this 5 rupees plan which is the cheapest price when compared to another subscription plan.

This is one of the ingenious ways to gain more subscribers. Everyone can afford to pay Rs.5 instead of choosing the plan for mobile Rs.199, basic for Rs.499, the standard for Rs.649, the premium for Rs.799.

50+ Free Premium Netflix Accounts

Is this applicable to every user?

Here is a twist, this promotional offer is valid only for the new users who create an account for the first time. If you have luck then you can use this 5 rupees plan as a new user, but remember that this 5 rupees plan is applicable for 30 days only after that you will be charged the full amount of the plan that you select it from the second month.

Netflix E-Mail and Password of January 2021

Existing Netflix users are not applicable to avail of this offer. Users can avail of this plan irrespective of the other plan like mobile, basic, standard, premium. Everyone can avail of this offer for 30 days. This offer is restricted to those who sign in the Netflix account on computer and android devices.” Depending on its success we may roll it out more widely- said by the Netflix spokesperson.

Email ID: Password: 1165qwer
Email ID: Password: FreeNetflixAccount
Email ID: Password: Deadw00d
Email ID: Password: NetflixHack

Email ID: Password: Jana1998
Email ID: Password: Lenearo97
Email ID: gabriel325152@geeks10.netPassword: rawlovedown3250
Email ID: Password: mangoauto330

Email ID: Password: stonewall60
Email ID: Password: lucycat26
Email ID: Password: TricksNation
Email ID: Password: Bologna1
Email ID: Password: BbCDEbF7

Email ID: Password: edward1901
Email ID: Password: Allsop00
Email ID: Password: ashley02

Email ID: Password: 5ded2sof
Email ID: Password: Patstar93
Email ID: Password: f00nst3r

Email ID: Password: Willjohn827
Email ID: Password: Brannan0208
Email ID: Password: FreeNetflix2020

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Free Netflix Accounts

Working Ways To Get Free Netflix

#1. Netflix Cookies

Netflix Cookies Of Premium Accounts
Netflix Cookies Of Premium Accounts

You might not know about cookies yet. let me tell you, Cookie is a form of data saved in our browser when we open a website in the same browser. So, whenever we open a website & login with email & password then these details get saved automatically in our browser in the form of cookies. We can export these cookies by using some extensions like EditThisCookie, etc.

#2. Netflix Mod Apk (2021)

Netflix MOD APK v8.4 Downlaod March 2020
Netflix MOD APK v8.4 Download 2020

Here is the quick guide on ‘How To Install Netflix Pro Mod Apk’ on an android phone. If you have never installed any Mod Application on your device then you may face some errors due to third-party application security available on Android smartphones. So, you can follow these simple steps & install Netflix Premium Apk on your phone easily.

#3. Virtual Credit Card

This is an ideal path for the individuals who wish to benefit of the free preliminary pack without sharing their charge/Visa subtleties. For this, you’d need two applications from your Play Store – Netflix and TMW-Wallet. The last is an application through which one can make boundless virtual platinum cards liberated from cost. You would then be able to utilize these virtual cards to enlist for the Netflix free preliminary. Furthermore, you can make the same number of Netflix free records as you like without spending your charge/Visa.

#4. Premium Netflix Giveaways 

You can participate in our Weekly Netflix Giveaways in August 2020

#5. Free Netflix Trial – 1 Month

As we revealed to you before, we shared Daily 50+ Free Netflix Accounts with usernames and passwords, and those are 100% working. On the off chance that the above shared Premium Accounts are not working, at that point, you can get these Netflix accounts. Generously don’t change the secret word and let utilize this premium HD record to all clients.

#6. Netflix Username and Password – 100% Working


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The Verdict:

I hope you find this article useful If you have any suggestions on this article, feel free to contact us. Also, do comment on your experience with these tricks and plans. These free Netflix accounts and passwords of 2021 will surely help you get free movies and shows. If you have any queries, do ask us in the comment section. Subscribe to our email newsletter for instant updates. Thank you for your time that you spent on reading this article, cheers!