Monster Legends: Breeding Guide (2021)

Monster Legends is a very popular and interesting Multiplayer RPG game available for both Android as well as iOS. Basically, Monster legends are all about the monsters and breeding them to create your own epic monster.

There are basically tons of monsters you can explore and then after you reach a certain level you can start breeding your own monsters of different elements.

But before breeding, you must know some basic concepts and guides about breeding. So that you can breed monsters easily and create more powerful monsters.

So here we will learn about some basic but important concepts about breeding in Monster Legends.

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Concept of Monster Legends Breeding

Breeding is considered the most important and crucial part of the game because by breeding you create monsters with some epic abilities and strength.

As there are tons of monsters with different rarities unlocking them is very difficult especially the legendary monsters. So, breeding different monsters can help you to get them a little bit fast.

Breeding process in really simple in Monster legends all you have to do is go to the breeding mountain select two monsters and then tap on the breed button.

Types of Monsters-

Now let’s talk about the different types of monsters available on Monster Legends. Basically, there are five types of monster rarities in Monster Legends named as-

Common- These are the monster which you will find almost every time you play the game these are basically the weakest among all five categories and have a maximum 40 level.

Uncommon- Uncommon monsters are less common but still, they are pretty easy to unlock. They have decent strength for beginners with a maximum level of 60.

Rare- Rare monsters are difficult to unlock but still if you are a regular player as you level up you will unlock these monsters. These monsters have good strength and abilities with a maximum level of 75.

Epic- Now Epic monsters are very very rare and you won’t be finding them early in the game. Sometimes you may have to buy them from the shop to unlock them in your collection. These monsters have a maximum level of 90.

Legendary- Getting legendary monsters for free is almost a dream cause you won’t find them literally in the game for months. These have unbelievable power and strength with a maximum level of 100.

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Breeding Guide 2021

So, this is a full guide that will assist you in the breeding process- how to breed terracrank

1. Legendary Monsters-

These monsters are very very rare to get so breeding them is extremely rare. This is the list for breeding two legendary monsters.

  • Terracrank + Musu = Rockatanium
  • Erpham + Drop Elemetal = Gold Field
  • Razfeesh + Drop Elemental = Lord Of The Atlantis
  • Rhynex + Darknubis = Darknubis
  • Anaitis + Freeza = Nidaria
  • Fenix + Ao Loong = Firelequin

2. Fire Monsters-

Fire monsters are really strong and powerful against nature-type monsters. You can have a good time playing and breeding with them but remember to save them from water-type monsters. You can also check the list of Roblox promo codes

  • Firesaur + Rockilla = Firekong or Freestyle
  • Firesaur + Tyrannoking = Flickie or Firetaur
  • Firesaur + Metalsaur = Esmelter or Fornax
  • Firesaur + Mersnake = Sealion or Vapwhirl
  • Firesaur + Genie = Pyrook of Djinn

3. Nature Monsters

These are the monsters that are born are bred in nature. These have decent strength and power. Nature-type monsters have a great advantage over water-type monsters but are extremely weak against Fire monsters.

  • Treezard + Rockilla = Rarawr or Tarzape
  • Treezard + Tyrannoking = Sealion or Vapwhirl
  • Treezard + Metalsaur = Jonskeer or Crux
  • Treezard + Light Spirit or Vixsun or Ridiculous
  • Treezard + Genie = Bloomskips or Pandalf

4. Thunder Monsters-

Thunder-type monsters have electric-type moves. These monsters are extremely powerful against water type but are extremely weak against nature type monsters.

  • Thunder Eagle + Rockilla = Electrex or Bonbon
  • Thunder Eagle + Metalsaur = Lesaki or Garuda M3
  • Thunder Eagle + Light Spirit = Pelitwirl or Pulseprism
  • Thunder Eagle + Tyrannoking = Terror Dacty or lShanky

5. Magic Monsters

These monsters have Fairy-type moves and are very effective against light monsters but are very bad against Nature types monsters.

  • Genie + Treezard = Bloomskips or Pandalf
  • Genie + Metalsaur = Manolyth or Dommeath
  • Genie + Tyrannoking = Giragast or Haze
  • Genie + Thunder Eagle = Raydex or Sparkwedge

6. Light Monsters

Light-type monsters are one of my personal favorite monsters types. These monsters have deep impact damage on Dark-type monsters but they struggle a lot against magic-type monsters.

  • Light Spirit + Metalsaur = Heimdal or Aurinia
  • Light Spirit + Genie = Flawless or Zim
  • Light Spirit + Mersnake = Blesstle or Raane
  • Light Spirit + Rockilla = Light Sphinx or Goldcore

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So, this was all about the breeding in monster legends 2021. Remember that all the monsters have different strengths and weaknesses so using them correctly is the key to winning. If you liked the page please do share it with your teammates and friends.