Are you searching for the Best Heavy Bowgun guide and build list in Iceborne? Here you go. The reason we have added Monster hunter’s world top bowgun is because of its all-time popularity and of the power and customization capabilities.

You might have heard about the monster hunter world; it is a role-playing action game. It was first launched in 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in January 2018 then later came with Microsoft windows version in august 2018.

The role of playing as a hunter who finds monsters to hunt them and kill the monsters or trap them, it also comes with a lot of weapons and armor and other equipment as well. However, the player could hunt down alone, or with a group that is up to four online players, the player will also get core gear to hunt more dangerous monsters.

Coming to the point, Best MHW Heavy Bowgun yes you heard it right in this fantastic guide you will get to know everything about Monster Hunter World Heavy Bowgun before getting started I would like to share some insights about heavy bowgun.

Well, there are two variations of it: the first one is light bowgun, and the second should be a heavy gun, so here we will be talking about heavy bowgun guides though both have some similar armor sets that make them more deadly in the game-play.

Let’sLet’s begin with the guide where you will know everything that you should know about MHW Heavy Bowgun 2021.


Monster Hunter World Heavy Bowgun Guide

Whenever we get into the battle with a heavy bowgun in MHW, enjoying the full benefits of armor sets or ammo is one of the critical thing that we consider isn’t it well, getting it with reserves stored including pierce or poison ammo, they are normal Ammos that means it doesn’t come with infinite power.

Are you looking for particular ammo? If yes, then here are a few of them, special ammo boost skills of armor to achieve this, there is special ammo called Teostra armor. It is an ammo boost skill that can increase the power of Heavy Bowgun special ammo.

Explosive attacks are best to defeat monsters for a while, but if you want to specialize in it, then you need to know about wielding a bowgun, it can be any in MHW. Please make sure they are powerful explosive shots for that you may look for Dodogama armor set, however dangerous items have the Bombardier skill, which can boost the power of damage getting ahead with another feature that is boasting the Artillery skill, which will increase the strength of explosive attacks.

How to Use Monster Hunter World Best Heavy Bowgun (2021)

Having a tremendous explosive reserve will make a place for ammo stocked up in the item box, to make sure to use the equipment with the Dodogama armor set.

Wanna know more about how to increase explosive attacks? You probably don’t know about Anja armor set; it’s one of the most powerful armor set by Anjanath in the Ancient forest. The Anja armor has a more powerful skill that can help you to increase explosive attacks, which is an artillery skill that increases more explosive attacks. But here is the bonus point. It is also having one particular Ammo boost skill, which will improve each single bowgun ammo, the type of ammo doesn’t matter.

So here it can help you to increase more power with any ammo.

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Have you ever played normal shorts? If not, then you should read this; as normal shorts work like a charm for heavy bowgun users in the battle of MHW, you may get other items as well. It will also increase the power of standard heavy bowgun ammo. It is called mighty charm one if you are able to avoid dodging for a while, will work well for you in the battle for bowgun ammo, it should also boost your affinity once your stamina is full.

Here is another charm item that you should know about Awakening Charm 1 that will help you to boost clip sizes for The Bowgun ammo, if you need to do fire-off shots quickly then it will work best for you.

How to Use Monster Hunter World Best Bowgun Build 

Finally, here we have listed the option you might want to know about The Bowgun, which can be the best for the MHW users, here you can check the list including the best armor and charm items to use with The Heavy Bowgun:

  • Chest armor-Kaisar Mail
  • Headgear- Legiana Helm
  • Gauntlets- Dodogama Vambraces
  • Coil- Kaiser Coil
  • Graves- Anja Greaves
  • Charm- Normal Shots Charm

Best MHW Heavy Bowgun – 2020 Meta Pre-Iceborne

  1. Taroth Assault ‘Glutton’ – Spread 4
  2. Taroth Assault ‘Support’ – Pierce 4
  3. Dark Devourer – Cluster 4
  4. Magda Gemitus II – Sleep + Para + Cluster Combo

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Monster Hunter Heavy Bowgun Ammos New


Materials Required


Normal Ammo
Standard damage
Sticky Ammo
Sticks to the monster and explodes
Pierce Ammo
Pierces armor
Wyvern Ammo
Dragonstrike Nut
Extremely powerful
Tranq Ammo
Tranq Bomb
Used for capturing monsters
Slicing Ammo
Ejects blades on impact
Spread Ammo
Fires in several places at once
Recover Ammo
Normal Ammo and Potion
Heals target
Demon Ammo
Normal Ammo and Demondrug
Increases attack
Armor Ammo
Normal Ammo and Armorskin
Increases defense

Some attacks mode that you can further use:

How to Use Monster Hunter World Best Heavy Bowgun (2021)

There are two types of attack modes that generally used in MHW Heavy Bowgun that we have listed below:

  • Melee Attack
  • Special Attack

We are assuming that you know about these attacks if you still have any doubts or you want us to cover these game mode attacks feel free to drop your feedback below.

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Did you enjoy the MHW Guide and Build 2021. If yes, then you might have read it. Also, we have explained the guide with a lot of expectations with a user who plays Monster Hunter World to gain access to The Heavy Bowgun Weapons.

Well, there is much armor to discuss, but we have mentioned the most powerful armor sets and their usage as we all know that MHW is one of the action genre games and distributed worldwide so it will be easy for everyone to read this awesome guide and get Heavy Bowgun weapons easily.

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