Meeting Minutes Software

The board management software is a handy tool that allows you to create a secure platform for communication, document exchange, video conferencing, and more. It is based on a board effect when all processes occur in a place that is convenient for tracking and managing. Typically, board room software is run by an assigned admin team that issues different levels of access to data, controls member profiles, creates meetings and committees, makes polls, and more.

In general, such a service can ensure safe and transparent work on the project and eliminate cases of oversight or cross-planning. 

Board portals come with a lot of built-in features, which can significantly expand their functionality. A lot of them have integrated meeting minutes software which is the main aspect that will be described below.


What is Integrated Meeting Minutes Software

Minute-taking is a crucial aspect of board meetings. Thanks to up-to-date technologies, this process has been digitalized and has become much safer and faster than the usual manual recording. With the help of a paperless meeting solution, all dates, participants, key points, topics are automatically added to the minutes.

The user can change the record-keeping algorithms and customize them with just a few clicks. After the end of the meeting, the minutes can be automatically saved, archived, and sent to any addressee, if necessary.

How Does it Work

Meeting minutes software takes into account all the stages and components that may affect the conduct of the meeting. This helps to complete tasks on time and eliminate problems that have arisen.

Depending on the package you are using, different features may be provided to you. In the context of software operation, for convenience, you can divide it into separate stages.

Before the Meeting

This is the initial stage when the basis for a future meeting is formed. Therefore, it is important to provide the maximum amount of information in an understandable form to all participants.

If participants receive the data 5 minutes before the start or during the meeting, they will at least have to re-meet. And this means the additional expenditure of money and time resources.

At this stage, a virtual board room can help with building a schedule, setting goals before the meeting, creating an agenda.

During the Meeting

This is the second and main stage when the software ensures maximum automation of the process. As a result, it can significantly reduce the time required to hold meetings. 

Below, you can see a shortlist of the key features of meeting minutes software at this stage:

  • meeting attendance records;
  • coverage of agenda topics;
  • simplification of task assignment.

If one of the participants is unable to join the meeting, you can change schedules and notify the participant via email or any other available communication channel. 

In addition, with meeting minutes software, the virtual board software provides the necessary structure and logical sequence of the meeting.

All key questions and important information can be structured in any suitable format (text or multimedia). This can directly impact not only the better perception of information but also the result of the current meeting as a whole.

Currently, the best board management software providers allow their users to try voting options and various rating systems. Such features can significantly simplify the decision-making process and make it faster. 

After Meeting

This is the final stage of the meeting when all decisions are made and key tasks are solved.

Here, the result of the meeting is the most important aspect to pay attention to and the main indicator of its effectiveness. 

In this vein, the virtual board portal with integrated meeting minutes software helps with the following:

  • creating notes with key points that were discussed at the meeting;
  • managing of protocol documentation;
  • distributing minutes to recipients (if necessary);
  • archiving documentation, etc.

This board portal software also provides continuity when the tasks solved at one meeting can be tracked and compared at the next one.

Key Benefits

The benefits of meeting minutes software may vary depending on the specific service you use. However, there is a list of pros that is common for most of them:

  • Ability to create an online board meeting from scratch or continue maintaining an existing document. 
  • The administration can add new participants in a few seconds, assign or study actions, change the date and topic of the meeting. In addition, it is possible to notify authorized persons of any changes by means of e-mail or any available communication channel.
  • Created protocols can be stored on the server or exported in any available format.