7 Shocking Reasons Why Mars is better than Earth?
7 Shocking Reasons Why Mars is better than Earth?

Have you ever thought off living on a planet rather than earth? Your answer might be yes! (If I can think, anybody could)

Have you ever imagine how life would be if we turn up our location from earth to mars?

Is it would be easier to live on a planet like Mars or our Earth is the only planet that can support life?

These are some of the significant queries that strike everyone’s head especially when we talk about living rather than on earth.

Scientists globally are researching for life on Mars for several years. Various satellites and manual researches have been put on to find out the symptoms of life there, and we have succeeded in the same as well up to a greater extent.

Would that be quite enough to bring up the imagination in reality? Surely not. We will have to work and research hard to get some more evidence. While revolving around the sun just like earth, Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. Being appearing red, Romans have named it Mars following the name after their god of wars, Ares.


Why is Mars Red in Color?

7 Reasons why Mars is better than Earth?
7 Reasons why Mars is better than Earth?

Now, one of the most obvious questions that would strike your head is why it is colored so? The reasons are quite simple, due to the presence of iron in abandon and further its reaction with the oxygen and water present on the surface, the planet appears to be red. Moreover, the main reason for performing the atmosphere also red is the dust storms that make it appear so.

Is it easy to live on a planet like Mars?

As we have mentioned you earlier those researches are continuously being made in to identify the symptoms of life on Mars, scientists have been finding out various clues confirming the experience over there.

Surely it would not be quite more comfortable to get shifted onto Mars as there are still some facts that have to clarify whether it is perfectly suitable for living or not. For information, some of the points make it a better option to take into consideration. Just like our earth, Mars is the only planet in our solar system that is considered to be the most habitable planet due to several reasons such as:

  • Mars contains soil well executing the perfect content of water.
  • The temperature here is colder than earth but not too cold or hot that humans can’t bear on.
  • The amount of sunlight is quite enough, and hence we can easily use solar panels also there.
  • If we talk about gravity, it is about 38% of the earth which you can consider to be sufficient for the human body adaption.
  • Just like Earth, Mars also includes an atmosphere that can protect human beings from cosmic rays and harmful sun’s radiations.
  • The day and night rhythm is quite similar to as on earth. A day on Mars is about 24 hours 39 minutes and 35 seconds.

7 Reasons Why Mars supposed to better than Earth?

Before going further with the content, we also want to make it clear for you that the reasons we are going to provide you are just imaginary as there are not certain evidence behind the statement Mars is better than earth to live in. The researches are still in continuation, so we can only put our thoughts here.

Spur innovation:

The journey of life from earth to mars undoubtedly would galvanize an entire generation and take up some ambitious careers goals into consideration. Shifting life to Mars would surely be a great innovative exploration to all of the humankind.

No Conflicts, No wars, and No terrorism:

Living on earth from centuries we have faced various wars, genocides, and destructions here. We have a bloodstained history with a wide range of disasters all around. Shifting life with new goals with peace rules can help us in establishing a fresh and clean slate.

Life improvement:

If shift life from earth to mars, we can look forward to the various aspects to improve the quality of life on earth as well. As life will be newer on mars, we can start up with a clean slate there without having any overcrowding, rigid rules for every field, better employment ratio, and a lot more. We can expect better survival of humankind there. There would surely be no population and pollution issues that we usually face on our earth.

More space:

As mars would be a newer option for human species, the area for a living would surely be a lot regardless of its size as compared to earth. We can set up with new and better life formations there irrespective of the space issues.

Better crop aspects:

The space for crop production is decreasing day by day on earth due to the rising population. Shifting on mars can bring up a freshness of new ideas with it. As the soil of mars is untouched yet and of course it is full of minerals and water. You can try up while cultivating a variety of crops there and can further acquire high-quality results from it as well. As the soil over there will be fresh enough, you don’t need to add even manure and fertilizers over there to get unexpected results.

Abandon of minerals:

As we have mentioned to you earlier that the surface of Mars is full of minerals like iron. Living on there can prove to be a great achievement as you would surely not to spend anything extra for acquiring your goals.

Better atmospheric conditions:

Atmospheric conditions on Mars are quite better than earth. It is colder than earth but still not so much that we can’t make aspect life over there. The weather conditions are just perfect for surviving, not so much cold or not so much hotter. Just like earth, you surely don’t have to face issues like global warming and ozone layer depletion there, as all are in perfect condition for now.

Final Words:

Alright! This is what I think of. Do let me know what do you guys think about “Life in Mars vs Life on Earth”. I know the earth is a wonderful gift of nature but we all know that Necessity is the mother of invention and not today but the day isn’t far when we guys will buy lands on Mars. With that said, I am ending up the article here. Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Cheers 🙂 Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Author: Mukesh Bhardwaj