Magikarp Jump League Stages Guide 2021

Magikarp Jump League Stages Guide: Magikarp Jump is developed by the select button and published by The Pokemon Company in May 2017. The Game was released for IOS, and the Android platform Magikarp Jump is a free-to-play mobile game.

As the pokemon company publishes the Game, it is related to it only; in this game, the player can increase their pokemon size and grow the performance with challenges.

Well, the game name itself speaks about it Magikarp jump player can perform a long jump for that you may begin with red and yellow Magikarp, and make your way to get more power to play a fight through all six leagues

Magikarp does give training, feeding, and support pokemon to get stronger with the Game, there are 19 different levels to unlock and several events.

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Magikarp Jump Guide 2021


In this Game, training can be the best method to improve your level in Magikarp Jump. Using Support Pokemon will help you to grow better while you can also add feeding as an optional extent, and use a training mechanism.

You need to have three training points saved for training, your training points will regenerate after every 30 minutes, or you can use Training Soda.

Magikarp Jump Friend League Stages
StageOpponent StrengthCoinsEXP
110 JP02
2387 JP02
3663 JP02
4??? JP02
51400 JP02


This method is one of the essential ways to gain JP between your training sessions; you can find berries and spawn located at random places in the aquarium.

It has a food fever hidden event considering that berries are stronger than spawn and spawn will be less than berries in rare quantity, berry power can be determined by the jump strength.

Magikarp Jump Quick League Stages
StageOpponent StrengthCoinsEXP
1442 JP72
2972 JP72
31630 JP72
42570 JP82
53200 JP82
63700 JP92
74860 JP102
85700 JP102
97950 JP112
1010300 JP112


Magikarp having features that will help you to obtain unique styles and patterns with Magikarp. But you could not get all these features in the main game series, mainly the pink and grey ones.


The major part is it will consider a rare number of bi-colors, and Gold Magikarp ones also.


You can collect several items with this feature and use them in the Game; it can go up to ranging coins and recovery items.


Once you complete the training, you can see the events opportunity in Magikarp Jump, you can get a league match or hang around in the aquarium. There can be a total of 31 events (possible ones).


Magikarp jump lives in an aquarium. It is divided into two parts, underwater, and overworld. At the top of the aquarium, you can consider pokemon life, but the underwater is reserved for food, items, and backdrops.


Pokemon support is one of the essential things that give a boost in Magikarp Jump and enables combat outside of battle.


The Magikarp jump has several stages or levels that may require to get more strength and become stronger. There are seven leagues to play in this Game and three expert leagues.

Magikarp Jump Great League Stages
StageOpponent StrengthCoinsEXP
129800 JP216
265600 JP216
3105000 JP236
4149000 JP247
5198000 JP267
6218000 JP286
7240000 JP286
8264000 JP306
9291000 JP328
10321000 JP348
11353000 JP318
12388000 JP349
13427000 JP369
14470000 JP3910
15515000 JP3910


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Here in this article, we have explained each important step in the Magikarp Jump Guide. I know there can be more explanations, but Magikarp is a simple game, and it doesn’t need to do complex things for its players. The Game was published by the Pokemon company and available for both platforms, Android and IOS.

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