James Gosling
James Gosling -JAVA

All are busy in using android and ios application on our mobile. Do you know who is James Gosling?  Do you ever think who is the man behind this all applications?  How are these applications coded by the programmers? There are many languages and framework are used to create this cool application. But most of the applications are created using JAVA programming knowledge.  Do you know the founder and designer of JAVA? Have you ever think why most of the application are JAVA based? Let us find answers for all of the above-mentioned questions in this article.

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James Gosling
James Gosling- Founder of java

First of all Jame Gosling is a Canadian programmer who is the founder and the lead architect for the JAVA programming language. He is known as the “Father of Java”. He created the concept of  VM– Virtual Machine. James Gosling created JAVA programming language while he was in Sun Micro systems. This language derives mostly from the syntax from the c and c++ language.  This Java language is based on the Object Oriented language for the easy access of the elements. You can read his complete bio on Wikipedia.


James Gosling created JAVA for Micro Processor-based systems. At that time JAVA was called as OAK Language. Later it was given a name Green and then it was renamed to “JAVA”. This language becomes super famous because this language is independent of platform.  Another important concept introduced by James Gosling was Virtual Machine.


Java Virtual Machine is a specification that converts Java bytecode into machine language. When you run a java program it will create a thread within this Java virtual machine. This is the reason for the platform independence of the JAVA. This systematic diagram shows how the virtual machine helps in the execution of the Java program.

James Gosling
Java Virtual Machine

Why is JAVA so popular? Why James Gosling makes JAVA in object-oriented?

Platform Independence is the main reason behind the popularity of Java.  This platform independence means that Java program can be run on various types of computer. All the java program will be run on the Java Runtime Environment.

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Another important success factor of JAVA is it is based on the Object Oriented which literally means the java programs are made of programming elements called Objects.

James Gosling
James Gosling- Java Quote

Hope this article will explain to you how James Gosling manages to make the great object-oriented programming language called JAVA.  If you decided to create an application in android platform then Java is the perfect platform for your application. In fact,  99 percent of the Android applications are based on JAVA language. Many tech giants like Google, Twitter also uses JAVA as their back-end language. Share this article with your friends and family. Sharing is caring. Cheers!

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