Is Solving Sudoku a Waste of Time

Puzzle games have gained so much popularity over the past couple of years. And if you ask me, it is not just for one reason, fun, but many. 

Puzzle games are effortless to find, fulfilling, extensive, and involving. If you’re looking for a game that is all this and more, why don’t you consider solving a sudoku puzzle? Sudoku is a popular classic game to explore. It is ideal for both beginners and advanced players.

Sudoku comes in varying difficulty levels: easy, medium, fast, expert, hard and giant. Some of the features to look out for in a sudoku puzzle game include complete daily challenges, auto-check that allows you to see your mistakes as you play, highlight duplicates that keep you from repeating numbers in a column, block, or row, and seasonal events where you solve puzzles and win unique trophies.

Other features include: automatically updating notes and hints to guide you when you’re stuck on sudoku puzzles. You should also be able to track your progress for each difficulty level of the sudoku puzzle, unlimited undo’s, color themes, auto-save, highlights, and eraser. 

Whether you’re solving sudoku for the first time or an advanced player, you should find all you need in the ideal sudoku app. And get to choose the level you fancy! The idea 9×9 sudoku is perfectly balanced and supports both tablets and phones. 

You can enjoy sudoku in landscape and portrait modes for tablets. Its simple and intuitive design lets you enjoy the puzzle any time you fancy. Besides, you can play your sudoku-free puzzles offline. The options are endless. 

Over the past years, many people have been arguing that playing this game is a waste of time.

Truthfully, the answer is no. And here’s why.


Promotes healthy competition

Even though time constraint is not an issue in this game, sudoku has a timer that allows gamers to track their performance. And you can use this to compete against yourself. Your concentration is required with each challenge, and you become faster at completing a grid every time.

You can rely on the timer to motivate you to do better each time. That helps you improve your skills in the game.

Additionally, you can compete against others. And this helps you learn a few tricks along the way. What better way to improve your sudoku skills than to learn from gurus!

It helps you analyze the correlation between the whole and the part

Solving sudoku is not a waste of time since it helps with your capacity to analyze the correlation and dynamic between tasks and subtasks. 

Some of these puzzles cannot get solved by completing a row at a time, column, or group. The information is intertwined, and you must find out which subtasks need to get handled first. That allows you to progress with your goal as you fill the entire grid.

If you want to succeed in some life situations, you must take a project’s information as a whole. And know how to divide into subtasks to bring it a successful completion. Sudoku will help you with this.

Sense of accomplishment

Solving sudoku puzzle successfully offers you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. The more challenging the steps get, the more happiness and joy a gamer feels at the end.

Sudoku is generally rewarding. It offers you the opportunity to put your skills to the test without external interference. That helps you grow better. You also get to discover your capabilities. And this brings you a feeling of satisfaction and confidence. 

Sudoku is an affordable hobby.

Unlike most hobbies, this game does not discriminate. It can get played by gamers of any age and economical background. All you have to do is show interest, and you will find free sudoku puzzle games that meet your level of interest. 

You do not have to break the bank to enjoy a sudoku game, unlike most hobbies. Choose a difficulty level of your choice and enjoy what the game has to offer.

Practice makes perfect 

Sudoku is one of the most rewarding games you can engage in. When you play it repetitively, you get better as time goes. You begin to discover that you can solve more complex challenges in your day-to-day life and learn to seize opportunities before they pass you.

Situations in sudoku help you be perfect at not only the game. But also solving general life issues.

A healthy form of escapism

Do you need a healthy escape from life’s everyday hassles and bustles? Sudoku could be your answer. If you don’t have time to book an expensive holiday to help you unwind, you can try sudoku. It will help you leave your worries and stresses for a few moments as you put effort into the game. 

Sudoku is not a waste of time as it will help you escape and get your mindset to the right place. It will help you unwind before you can reset to your normal life again.

Healthy past time

Hobbies are not as popular as they used to be, unfortunately. Most people choose to waste time in unconstructive and unhealthy ways. And that includes gossiping, obsessing over social media platforms, partying, drinking, etc. 

Sudoku, however, helps you escape from these and more past times. You can pass time productively as you solve a puzzle. That will keep you stay productive and occupied at the same time. And that is not wasting time after all.

Fun for the whole family

Did you know that you can enjoy solving a sudoku puzzle as a family? If you’re looking for a game you can enjoy together, you can host family sudoku championships.

You can bring out the gamer in you by playing against each other. Find a level that suits you and your family members and enjoy a good game together.

Final thoughts

As you can see, solving a sudoku puzzle is not a waste of time. It is a remarkable game that has so much to offer. Its perks are nothing short of amazing, and you can now enjoy playing and indulging any time of day.