Alexa is also known as Amazon Echo which is an Electronic device designed by self Amazon. The device has made to follow commands given by Humans’ voice. Alexa has the ability to obey the human voice to speak, and, to some extent, interact with a human. Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa is not limited to Echo but It can also be used on your Smartphone. You can ask any questions to Alexa from your Smartphone such as News, Weather, Sports, Maths, On/Off Light and much more commands. So, If you were looking for run Alexa on Android phone. Then we have given a basic tutorial on it that How you can Use Alexa on Your Android Phone.


How To Use Alexa on Your Android Phone

Step 1 –


First, You have to download Amazon Alexa app from Google Play Store. After, Install the app on your Android Smartphone.


Step 2 –

Now, Open the Alexa app and you have to see whether the app is Updates or not? If it’s up to date then you will see a small Alexa blue icon in the center of the screen. This blue icon is the Alexa button where you will give a command from smartphone to Alexa device.


Step 3

In this step, You have to tap on the Alexa button. On first time application will ask you to allow certain permissions.


Step 4

Now, You have to tap on Allow button to let Amazon Alexa record the audio. (You have to do it only Once)


Step 5

Tap once again on Allow to let Amazon Alexa access the location of your device. (You only have to do it once).


Step 6

Tap on Done to start using Alexa.


Step 7

Now you have to Say a phrase when the blue bar appears at the bottom of the screen.


Step 8

Great! From now on, You have to just tap on the Alexa icon at the bottom of the app to start Alexa. Tap the white X in the blue circle to cancel your request. 


The above Tutorial is given with simple easy steps. From following above steps, You can able to Use Alexa (Amazon Echo) on Your Android Phone as well as You can use Alexa on Your Android Phone.