WhatsApp has now World’s largest Social Media using by people. Every user on the Internet is familiar with the user interface as well as the operation of this platform. And If you are WhatsApp User then you should know that Images are sent from your messenger are all being processed. And after receiver gets Images from the sender.

If you were looking for sending your Images in High quality as well as Uncompressed on WhatsApp messenger. Then We need to bypass our Images process. So, We have given a Simple Tutorial given below in which you can Send Photos via WhatsApp without compression and being processed. So, We have given two methods about How to Send Uncompressed Photos on WhatsApp.


How to Send Uncompressed Photos on WhatsApp

Method 1

Step 1


First, You have to Attach file on WhatsApp in order to send it. Note that You would not use any File Browser for sharing files. You have to share files only via WhatsApp. If you wanted to share Uncompressed image then Simply select the Document under the Paperclip options.

Step 2 

Now, You have to search and Select Document File from the File Browser to send it.

Step 3

After, Selecting Document File You have to select Image which you need to share without any Compression.

Note – Sending an Image with File Document not cause any Processing on Image. It will send your Image without any Processing and Compression.

Step 4

You can even check details of Image on Reciever and There would be no compression done. This is the best method to share your Images without any Compression on WhatsApp.

Method 2 

YOWhatsApp is the modified version of the official web.whatsapp.com app which is developed by third-party developers. This modified version of Whatsapp actually comes with a lot of Benefits and Features. In which You get the Uncompressed option in which you can able to send Images without being compressed. So, Let’s see that How you can Send Uncompressed Images using YoWhatsApp.

Step 1

First, You have to enable Unknown Sources option on your Android Smartphone before Installation

Step 2.

Now, Select the location where you have been saved YoWhatsApp Apk, and then install it normally.

Step 3

Now You will get Screen as given below. Here you have to confirm your phone number as you do on the official app on WhatsApp.

Step 4

Once done, You can explore more settings and YoMods through the settings panel.

Step 5

That’s it, you have done! YoWhatsApp essentially allows you to send images without compression.

Great thing is that Both Methods have been tested and 100% working on our Android Phone. This method will really help you in Sending uncompressed images on WhatsApp.