How to Fix Nintendo Switch Error 2123-1502

How to Fix Nintendo Switch error 2123-1502: A few users have announced a Nintendo Switch error 2123-1502. Which they encountered after the most recent firmware update on their control center. Assuming you are additionally managing this error code. We recommend that you continue to really look at this article to find out more. While we will talk about the most ideal arrangements assembled by different users. Who have had the option to dispose of the issue and incorporate the arrangements recommended by Nintendo support.


What causes Nintendo Switch error 2123-1502?

What causes Nintendo Switch error 2123-1502

The engineers delivered the most recent programming update 12.0.3. Which intends to give general steadiness upgrades and bug fixes for the Nintendo Switch. Notwithstanding, the firmware update seems to have set off error code 2123-1502 as players. Who has the most recent rendition introduced can’t download games bought from Nintendo eShop or even update games that are as of now introduced on the control center. Nintendo has not affirmed that error code 2123-1502 has brought about by the most recent firmware update. However, has briefly suspended the rollout of form 12.0.3 one day after its delivery because of the disturbing number of players impacted by the issue.

How to Fix Nintendo Switch error 2123-1502?

How to Fix Nintendo Switch error 2123-1502

The following are the fixes we’ve accumulated from the Switch Gamers Community Thread and Nintendo Support Troubleshooting Guide.

1. Turn the console off and on again

Restarting the control center is one of the straightforward arrangements that can assist with disposing of the issue experienced. This straightforward investigating step is intended to overhaul your game control center’s memory and update Nintendo programming. Now and again it can fix issues or eliminate an irregular bug that might be available in the device.

2. Download spam attempts

Since the error code 2123-1502 shows up in the wake of attempting to introduce any game on the Nintendo eShop, driving the download on different occasions has worked for certain players who are managing a similar issue.

3. Change the DNS settings

Change the DNS settings

Manually changing the DNS settings on your Nintendo Switch is one of the workarounds given by Nintendo backing to error code 2123-1502. For reference, the means to change the DNS are as per the following:

  1. Access System Settings from the Home Menu of your control center.
  2. Look down and select Internet.
  3. Select Internet Settings tracked down in the right sheet. The Switch will naturally look for all close by Wi-Fi signals.
  4. Pick your Wifi network from the rundown of enrolled networks.
  5. Select Change Settings.
  6. Then, at that point, select DNS Settings next.
  7. Select Manual.
  8. Click Primary DNS and eliminate the default zeroes thought about this field.
  9. In the essential DNS, enter these digits
  10. Go to the Secondary DNS and eliminate the default zeros also.
  11. Enter physically for this field.

4. Clear the cache of your Nintendo Switch

Clear the cache of your Nintendo Switch

As indicated by Nintendo support, this technique can likewise assist with the issue experienced. As there are situations where stored reserves can influence the exhibition of the device or significantly trigger issues while attempting to download games. This is the way to make it happen:

  1. Go to System Settings from your control center’s Home menu.
  2. Look down and select System.
  3. In the right sheet, look down at the base and select Formatting Options.
  4. Select Clear store.
  5. Pick the client profile you need to clear stored information.
  6. Select Reset. Kindly note that any IDs, passwords, treats, and perusing the history of the chosen profile will be reset.

5. Make sure the console is connected to the internet

In the event that you see error code 2123-1502 while attempting to download games, check to assume the control center is at present associated with the web. A dependable web association is constantly required while refreshing games or introducing games on the Nintendo console.

6. Monitor the DNS Settings

  1. Select “Settings” from the Home Menu on the Nintendo console.
  2. Pick “Web,” and afterward “Web Settings.” Your Nintendo Switch will naturally look for adjacent Wi-Fi signals.
  3. Pick your organization from the rundown of organizations situated under Registered Networks.
  4. Select “Change Settings,” then, at that point, pick DNS Settings.
  5. Then, at that point, at last, Select “Manual.”

7. Set MTU value to default

  1. Follow these steps to set the MTU worth to default:
  2. From the Home, menu chooses “Framework settings.”
  3. Select “Web” and afterward tap on “Web Settings.”
  4. Your Nintendo Switch will consequently begin looking for neighboring Wi-Fi signals.
  5. Pick the association you need to alter, under “Enlisted Networks.”
  6. Presently, Select “Change Settings.”
  7. Tap, MTU. Enter the suitable MTU incentive for your organization. You really want to set it to 1400 as a matter of course.

8. Hard Reset Internet Router

Similar to the Nintendo switch, a ruined DNS store requires resetting and reconfiguration to counter the mistake. The means incorporate,

  1. Disengage the Router Power.
  2. Press and hold the Power button and hold for 20 seconds.
  3. Reconnect the power and anticipate the switch to restart.
  4. Have a go at signing into a game and check in the event that the mistake code shows up.


Nintendo blunder code 2123-1502 is an issue that can happen concerning awful DNS and different mistakes connected with the systems administration range. Anyway, numerous clients figured out how to fix the switch error code 2123-1502.