How to Fix Kodi Not Working in Windows 10

How to Fix Kodi Not Working in Windows 10: Is Kodi continues not to work? Is it genuine that you are for the most part loathing your Kodi application on Windows 10? No matter what the specific issue, you are going up against, you are in the best spot. Since we love to dive into this application and test its capacities, we’ve run into a couple of “Kodi crashes or doesn’t work” issues.

All things considered, you can be sure we understand how to fix the “Kodi keeps crashing or not working” issue on Windows 10. Accordingly, we ought to talk about what to do in the event that Kodi doesn’t work. We’ll look at many issues, as you can find in the part by section list below. Moving along, we ought to get to what you really need to know. Here is a portrayal of what to do expecting that Kodi doesn’t work, similarly as various possible courses of action.


Why is My Kodi Not Working?

Why is My Kodi Not Working

Along these lines, the primary thing prior to moving to the investigating segment is to become familiar with the issue. After we comprehend the issue it will be a lot simpler to track down the arrangement. It is on the grounds that everybody deals with various issues alongside the Kodi media player.

Along these lines, I have recorded some significant reasons why Kodi not dealing with your device:

1. Outdated Kodi

Outdated Kodi

The first and the most widely recognized issue that we face is having an obsolete Kodi form. Since the engineers are striving to bring new elements and roll out certain improvements like working on the program or fixing bugs. Thus, not refreshing this application would doubtlessly cause not working issue.

2. ISP Throttling

Something else that I have proactively referenced in my past aid is the ISP choking in which internet service delayed down your web speed due to streaming excessively. It is likewise a generally expected issue as I have additionally been a casualty for this two times.

3. Too Many Add-ons installed

Too Many Add-ons installed

This may not look recognizable however it very well may be the purpose for Kodi not working. As though you are utilizing Kodi on a device having a little measure of capacity (like Firestick or Android TV) could be an explanation for this. It is on the grounds that these Add-ons kept space on your device and when it is full it unexpectedly works strangely.

4. Incorrect Time

This is another normal issue that could prompt a Kodi not working issue. Since this Media player utilizes the current date and time to give content likewise. Along these lines, on the off chance that you have a wrong date or time, there could be an opportunity it won’t work.

5. Too Much Cache Data

While utilizing any application including Kodi we regularly save store documents as Thumbnails, symbols, and different records. These documents are put away to send off that program (add-on) immediately however having an excess of store records could prompt an unexpected crashing.

How to Fix Kodi Not Working in Windows 10

  1. Reset Kodi
  2. Restart Device
  3. Clear Kodi Cache
  4. Removing and Updating Kodi Addons

1. Reset Kodi

Reset Kodi

Perhaps the most effective way to fix Kodi not working is to reset or reestablish Kodi to production line settings. By doing this, you won’t need to erase the whole application and once again introduce it. All things being equal, it will just require a fast reset to take Kodi back to its unique state.

Subsequent to resetting Kodi on your favored device, the product will get back to its unique, clean state. Numerous Kodi clients observe that resetting Kodi is the fix-all answer for virtually every Kodi issue. Since Kodi can be introduced on such countless devices, there are a few distinct ways of resetting it.

2. Restart Device

In the event that you are utilizing a streaming device, for example, a Firestick for Kodi, another proposal we generally give at whatever point an issue emerges is to restart the device. This is a fast tip that in many cases brings wonderful outcomes. To restart a Firestick or Android TV Box, utilize the aides below:

You can likewise Restart your Fire TV/Stick by turning off the power rope from the rear of the device, holding up 10-20 seconds, and stopping back in. A similar strategy should be possible for an Android TV Box or Computer. Resetting your Kodi device is a straightforward arrangement that can in some cases tackle any issues you are encountering with the product. If resetting your device doesn’t settle the issues with Kodi not working, there are a couple of more ways of attempting and fixing this.

3. Clear Kodi Cache

Clear Kodi Cache

Clearing the store inside Kodi is an incredible method for accelerating the product and cleaning the whole framework. In the event that you are encountering slack or buffering in Kodi, this is the ideal answer for halting it. Clearing the reserve might be the most ideal way to fix any issues you are having inside Kodi. To clear the store in Kodi, TROYPOINT suggests going into your device settings, tracking down oversaw introduced applications, and picking the choice for clearing reserve in Kodi.

4. Removing and Updating Kodi Addons

Removing and Updating Kodi Addons

Intermittently, when issues emerge inside Kodi, it could be because of the particular extra you are utilizing. As most Kodi clients know, additional items are continually being closed down and reestablished. Assuming your Kodi device is loaded with additional items, this might dial back the product. Eliminating unused or undesirable additional items is an incredible answer for fixing the issue of Kodi not working.


One of the most well-known Kodi issues might be settled rather without any problem. In the event that you’re having issues utilizing Kodi on a Fire TV Stick, we’ve composed an investigating guide explicitly for you. Ideally, this outline has helped you in settling your issue, and in the event that there is a straightforward fix that we have excluded.