How To Fix FFXIV Unable Download Patch Files

How To Fix FFXIV Unable Download Patch Files: The Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) will show the mistake on the screen when you attempt to download the fix refreshes for the game. An error message will be shown which says, unfit to download Patch records. That implies the FFXIV game has neglected to refresh. The issue could aggravate. As the whole downloading process and the refreshing of the game have upset. Yet, the issue can figure out. There are different explanations behind the reason for the error. They incorporate the organization association of your android device, memory space of the system, Windows Firewall Security settings, some kind of infection that causes firewall issues.

On the off chance that FFXIV can’t download the fixed records, the client can not play the games, so it is crucial to fix the issue. Assuming the android game substance has specific limitations forced by the geological region. You can attempt to fix the issue by introducing a VPN. There is additionally an outsider enemy of infection utilities or you could switch off the Windows Defender. As you attempt to download the updates for a fix, on the off chance that you get any error message. The FFXIV doesn’t get refreshed. The issue can fixed with the utilization of specific strategies. Allow us now to perceive how to fix the FFXIV fix record error. The article specifies a portion of the normal motivations to fix the issue.


How To Fix FFXIV Unable Download Patch Files

How To Fix FFXIV Unable Download Patch Files

Here are a few methods to dispose of the above irritating issue of not having the option to download fixed patch files:

  1. virtual private network (VPN)
  2. Turn off the firewall system
  3. Alter the domain name system (DNS) server

1. virtual private network (VPN)

virtual private network

In some cases because of geographic limitations, your home organization can not download fix records. Along these lines, you need to utilize VPN to change your IP address. Which will assist you with effectively fixing the issue. A benefit of using this arrangement is that virtual private organization (VPN) applications can be downloaded for nothing so you don’t need to cause a solitary penny to fix the above issue.

The virtual private organization will make a significant showing. Most importantly, it will modify your IP address to one more nation where there are no such limitations on downloading patch records. Second, it will conceal your IP address. There have numerous VPN applications accessible that can download for nothing. These VPN applications help to download these fixed documents as well as help to gain admittance to other hindered sites and recordings.

2. Turn off the firewall system

Turn off the firewall system

One reason for the issue above, as a made sense of above, might exist a bug in the Firewall settings that should be fixed. Hence, the FFXIV error that can’t download fixed documents might be because the firewall settings may not permit downloading of fixed records.

This could be because of different security reasons. So in these cases, you should simply impair your firewall settings so your framework permits downloading of fixed records.

To debilitate the firewall settings, Follow below steps to fix this issue:

  1. Open the control board.
  2. Find and snap on the framework and security interface.
  3. Select the Windows Defender firewall
  4. Presently on the left side, you will track down empower or cripple Windows Defender firewall. Click on it.
  5. Presently click OK and the Windows Defender Firewall settings will switch off.
  6. From that point forward, reboot your system to roll out the improvements.

3. Alter the domain name system (DNS) server

Alter the domain name system (DNS) server

Once in a while, the issue of not having the option to download fixed documents in the FFXIV launcher is additionally brought about by the DNS server. So all things considered, you want to change or adjust the DNS server to fix the issue. The most widely recognized is to change your DNS server to Google’s DNS server. This is a little specialized technique that should be applied accurately and cautiously.

The accompanying advances should follow cautiously while changing the DNS server to the Google DNS server.

  1. Open the control board
  2. Find the organization and the Internet and go snap it
  3. Presently click on the Network and Sharing Center.
  4. On the left side, you will see pick the adopter settings. Click on it.
  5. Presently pick the choice to choose your favored DNS server as opposed to choosing the DNS server consequently.
  6. From that point onward, enter the location of your favored DNS server.
  7. Since we are utilizing Google’s DNS server address, we will utilize the accompanying public DNS server address for Google.
  8. Google DNS server address: and
  9. Make click OK to save your changes.
  10. Presently run the order brief and when it opens, type ipconfig/flushdns and hit Enter to proceed.
  11. From that point forward, type ipconfig/enter and hit enter. Eventually, type ipconfig/reestablish and hit Enter, and leave the order brief.

Temporarily Disable Your Anti-Virus Software

Temporarily Disable Your Anti-Virus Software

Assuming there is any dynamic outsider antivirus that has been introduced, you want to incapacitate it. The handicap or shut down choice can be found by right-tapping on the antivirus utility framework plate symbol. It has appeared at the right half of the taskbar. You can likewise decide to switch off the antivirus programming for a specific term. With the antivirus software safeguard incapacitated, including the Windows Defender and the outsider programming, you can now attempt to download the fix update. In any case, the antivirus program might impede the download. After the issue has fix, you should empower the antivirus once more, on the off chance that not, your PC will imperil. On occasion, you might have the option to fix the issue.


The error that exists for incapable to download fixed documents can happen by changing elements. You may not have the foggiest idea about the exact purpose of the issue. In any case, the issue can fixed. In this article, How To Fix FFXIV Unable Download. We have examined not many strategies that can carry out to fix the unfit to download fix documents FFXIV error. Check which technique will suit your gadget to dispose of the issue, as the previously mentioned strategies are extremely successful to settle the FFXIV mistake. Trust you have found this article helpful to determine the issue.