Breeding is said to be a crucial part of Monsters Legend. Because with the help of it you can create some epic monsters with special abilities and powers.

We all know Monsters Legend is a popular and way too interesting game. Because of its robust gameplay that makes players crazy about exploring tons of monsters at every certain level in the game.

It’s a Multiplayer Role-playing game where you raise your own army of monsters to make them a formidable army for battles.

With hundreds of monsters available with their own skills. All of them got a unique fighting style and the ability of breeding to create new hybrid species.

Without the help of these monsters having special abilities and hybrids, you won’t be able to go far in the game. Because fighting with those computer-owned creatures and the players in multiplayer battles is tough without the skilled monsters.

For getting better in fights and going far in-game, you need to be very skilled or proficient in breeding the monsters with the help of two beasts.

So here we will learn about how to breed Rabidex, but before that let us know more about monsters’ legends and the breeding process to become proficient at it.

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What is Monster Legends Game about?

Monsters Legends is all about the specially-trained beasts army, which you raise to fight the opponents like computer owned characters and the players from the online world.

As the progression in your role-playing monster game forwards. You’ll need to make a customized island where your monsters will stay in specially-made habitats.

There you have to feed them and facilitate the training and the most vital part is to breed them for creating new hybrid species of special and unique ability.

With unique monsters, items, and progressions added daily and weekly makes the game another level and fun plus entertaining for the very long term.

The Breeding Process

Now here comes the most essential part of this multiplayer role-playing game, and that is the breeding process. This is the most needed skill one must have in monsters legend.

Breeding is a process of pairing two monsters to create a new hybrid species. These species are actually new skilled and especially powered beasts to fight the enemies.

You can start out this process by selecting breeding mountains, which is located near the hatchery on your island.  Then simply press the Breed button and choose two beasts of your choice to pair. One from the left and the second from the right column and start breeding by pressing the button.

Difficulty of Breeding

There are some epic monsters in the game which we can easily breed because they don’t have opposite elements. And these are Musu, Pandalf, Goldcore, Fayemelina, Darknubis, Erpham, Drop Elemental.

And the other epic monsters are way too tough to breed since they require hybrid monsters which can increase the elements of breeding.

Rabidex In Monsters Legends

Since we all know that monsters legends has different types of monsters and can be classified as –

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Rabidex is an Epic category rampant monster that hides into the tunnels and waiting for the right moment to strike! For example, whenever you walk to the countryside, you’ll find a Rabidex close by waiting to pounce eagerly.

It is basically an electric-powered rabbit that can easily be surpassed by Mudflow and Eggknock. It can cause a status effect that isn’t used every time. The power and life of Rabidex are weak in rankings.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the Rabidex epic monster in Monster Legends.


  • Exceptional speed
  • Skilled trait
  • Extra turn moves


  • All moves deal 30 damage, except one deal 60 damage.
  • Bad Power and Life
  • Short status effects
  • Stamina costs
  • All moves have cooldowns except one.
  • Spores, Lightning Storm, Force Nature, and Wrath of Thor are actually the same moves, the only difference that they are elements.

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Breeding Rabidex

Now comes the process of Breeding Rabidex and for that, you need to have the following combinations mentioned below.

  • Tarzape + Electrex
  • Thundenix + Firanda
  • Shock Turtle + Tarzape
  • Electrex + Pandaken
  • Pandaken + Gigram
  • Firanda + Gigram
  • Gigram + Greenasaur
  • Rarawr + Gigram
  • Firanda + Electrex

Breeding will take up to 6 hours and 30 minutes of total time.

Since the chances are 7.50% so, it is all depends upon your luck.

List of Breedable Epic Monsters Like Rabidex

  • Goldcore: Rockilla + Flawless
  • Skipples: Scorchpeg + Boneticore
  • Tartarus: Duchess + Duchess
  • Duchess: Terracrank + Tartarus
  • Rhynex: Rawawr + Terrordactyl
  • Darknubis: Genie + Beefcake
  • Musu: Rockilla + Mersnake
  • Terracrank: Duchess + Tartarus
  • Razfeesh: Mersnake + Mersnake
  • Drop Elemental: Gigargast + Mersnake
  • Erpham: Genie + Rawrar
  • Fayemelina: Tyrannoking + Raane
  • Pandalf: Genie + Molem
  • Ledovech: Razfeesh + Drop Elemental
  • Dragonian Beast: Thundenix + Tarzape

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Final Words

In this article, we have told you about how to breed rabidex and we hope you understood it. In conclusion, I would like to say that in Monsters Legends, breeding is an important part of the game and you should know it. Cheers! 🙂