How to Get Free Smite Gems 2020 (100% Working Methods)

Smite Gems- How to get Smite Gems: Gaming is a passion for many; the winning thrill of the virtual world is no less than reaching the summit in real life. In our recent article, we talked about ways to buy cheap Robux; after making your Roblox beautiful, let’s jump to Smite.


What is Smite?

Smite is an addictive Third-person perspective (TPP) Multiplayer Online Battle Arena video game published by HI-REZ studios. It is available on various platforms like Mac, Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It is free to play, but you need to spend money to buy extra stuff to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Gems are useful to unlock Smite Gods, Skins and to buy cosmetics and stuff for your character. The game itself provides gems through various activities like logging in daily, participating in promotional events, and playing more matches.

But still, if you want a lot of gems in a short period, you need to buy them by paying real money in return. Rates are like $4.99 for 200 gems, $7.99 for 400 gems, and $99.99 for 8000 gems. But not all of us can afford to spend money in virtual gameplay so let’s see how we can get yourself these smite gems for free.

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How to Get Free Smite Gems 2021

Method 1: By participating in free Smite gems promotions by HI-REZ Studio

You can visit the HI-REZ studios free promotions page and complete the tasks like complete surveys and other offers from third party sponsors like Radium One, Peanut Labs, SponsorPay, etc., provided there to earn free smite gems. For understanding the process, follow the following steps.

Step1. Visit: and sign up or log in with an existing account if you have.

Step2. Go to the SponsorPay tab and take all surveys that offer a payout of gems in order of 50- 60 gems.

Step3. After finding these, complete the surveys. These surveys are straightforward and not time-consuming, with a success rate of 75%.

Step4. Take a screenshot or screen capture of the survey with your name visible there somewhere.

Step5. Go to your account and check for the message for the promised gems. If you didn’t get any such news in the promised time, visit the bottom of the page and select ‘support’. It gets you redirected to a third-party website where you can file the report with the screenshot of the completed survey. After that, your claim gets accepted and you get the reward in 24 hours.

Method 2: Through third-party sponsors

Step1. Visit and login or signup.

Step2. Check all links in here offering a couple of gems on Radium one, sponsor play, Peanut labs, etc.

step3. It will directly get you the gems in your account, go and check.

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Method 3: Mining free Smite gems on Gamerhash

Step1. Visit and sign up for an account.

Step2. Use your graphics card to mine Gamehash cryptocurrency, complete the available offers, and refer it to other people to earn points.

Step3. You can use the earned points on Gamerhash to buy smite gems.

Method 4: Using survey apps to earn money and then buy smite gems:

There are many applications on the web where you get money after completing the assigned tasks such as surveys, downloading games, apps, lucky spins, etc. you can then use this money to buy smite gems online. Some examples of such apps are Lifepoints, Survey Junkie. Vindale Research etc.

Method 5: Using idle empire

Idle empire is a fantastic and useful platform to earn smite gems after completing simple tasks like watching ads. Here, you also get Amazon vouchers, Paypal cash, Bitcoins, etc.

Step1. Visit the idle empire and sign up for an account. If you already have an account, login with your details.

Step2. Complete tasks like paid surveys, watching videos and playing games to earn Idle- empire points.

Step3, with the earned points, you can redeem for smite gems. They will deliver the gems to your account within 24 hours.

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Method 6: By opening blue mixer chests:

In Smite, you can open the Blue Mixer Chests to get some free gems. On the one hand, white chests give you a low amount of FP and have a small chance of massive FPs, blue chests get you more FP, and sometimes luckily, you might get gems and skins. There are Reddit threads that provide you codes during a Smite Pro League Game. Checking the thread once in 45 minutes can earn you to redeem codes to grab as much as 200-300 smite gems.

Above described ways are reliable and useful to get you free smite gems, but if you face any issue while surfing any of them, please tell us in the comments; we would love to help you out. Also, for any other article request, mail us we will try to get you through the tech world in the best ways possible!