free google play credit

Free Google Play credit: Are you a crazy android fan guy? OR Do you play tons of games and spend some large time on Android games and applications? If you are a kind of guy at some part of the time you will try to buy some applications/games in-app purchases Right?  Do you know how much people spend this year on their mobile applications? Any guess? Let us know your guess in the comment section. According to a report by Sensor tower,  mobile phone user spend almost $59 Billion dollars. Among this $59 billion dollars, Android users share is almost $20 Billion dollar.

Android become a part of our life and most of the people are already ready to pay for those addictive applications. But there are some android applications from which you can actually earn those google play credits free. Today In this article let us discuss exactly the same thing.  All the applications in this list are equally functional and genuine. So no need to worry about the creditability of the applications. Without wasting any more time let us jump in the actual list.




free google play credit

Google opinion rewards are something interesting and cool in my opinion. It is a very simple application which allows you to get paid for answering some simple questions and share your opinions. It is majorly used as a tool to collect the valuable opinions of the people about some topic.  First of all, you need to download this application ” GOOGLE OPINION REWARDS “. After installing this application sign in with your Google account. At the initial stage, you will be guided by the application with its features and functions.

After the initial stage, you may be prompted by some surveys or things like that! You all know Right? Just answer those questions and earn some good bucks as Google play store credits. If you’re an Indian the chances are less for you to get the frequent surveys. But for other countries, you will get more surveys which means you can able to earn more Play Store credits.  Go, download this application and start earning your google credit for your favorite applications.

For all guys who are not willing to wait for the survey to come, check out the following application in this list.

#2.JUNO WALLET:free google play credit

Juno is another cool application which gives you free Google play store credits. You need to sign up and verify your Mobile and E-mail address to getting started with this application. After logging in to Juno you need to earn credits by watching videos and ads. Juno has also a referral system in which you need to refer your friends and if they start using Juno you will be getting paid.   It has also a feature to withdraw your money via PayPal. So definitely check out this application.


free google play credit

FreeMyApps is the most downloaded freebie application in the Google Play store. You can download by clicking this link.  In this application, you can earn money by watching videos or ads. Also, like every application, it has a referral system from which you can earn a huge money. FreeMyApps also give you money when you try new applications or games which are listed in this application. It has already paid more than other networks to their users. So definitely check this app out.


Android is a huge marketplace and a lot of people don’t want to spend money on mobile applications. Hope for all those people this article will help them some much. If you find this article helpful kindly share this article with your friends and help them to earn some bucks. Thanks for reading. Cheers!

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