If you are a college student then you know it is hard to complete projects, assignments, and homework that are given. Completing assignments and homework give you a headache, so at this time you need some help which makes your work easy. At this time you can make use of the Chegg website.

On the internet, you will get almost every solution. There are many websites available that help students in their studies. And a few websites are more forward which also helps students to complete their homework. However, for some of them, these websites are helpful in completing their work and for some, it can help a little bit.

One of the websites which help in online education is Chegg. Chegg helps you to complete your homework with the help of an expert. You just need to ask your question and you will get the answers. This is one of the best ways to get your homework done within no time.

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What is Chegg.com

Chegg is an American tech website with more than 4 million subscribers globally. It not only helps you in online education but also works as a freelancing website. There are so many online tutors who work for Chegg. You just need to answer the questions and get paid for that.

Everything is good about Chegg, but the downside is it is not available for free. And it is obvious, it is helping so much then how can it be free. As it is also paying fees to freelancers, so they have to keep it as a paid website.

Chegg’s website has a different subscription plan which starts from $14 to $50. You can choose any subscription depending on your needs.

But there are many users, who don’t want to pay fees but want to use Chegg. So, they search for some methods which help them to get Chegg for free. If you are one of them who is searching for Chegg answers for free, then you have come to the right place.

Let’s know how to unlock Chegg answers for free.


Get Free Chegg Answers 2021

(Working) Get Chegg Answers for FREE & Unblur Chegg Links 2020

We are listing a few of the methods below which will help you the free answers to your problems. Choose any method from the given below list.


Free Chegg Answers on iTechHacks

You no longer need to pay for a Chegg study subscription to Unblur Chegg answers and Textbook solutions! Because we are going to introduce you to are really cool life hack website, where you can get unlimited Chegg unlocks for free.

On itechhacks.com you can get Chegg answers for free. We’ve spent almost a month to test some of the websites found on Google that claims to offer Chegg unlocks for free but, many of the sites are just containing a false statement or misleading information. They didn’t work as we expected!

How to Use iTechHacks Chegg Unlocker

Step 1: Make sure you have a Working Email ID (Avoid Temp-Emails)

Step 2: Find a Chegg link that you want to unlock.

Step 3: You either search on Google for your question link on Chegg or search on Chegg’s official website. Once you found the question, copy the link that question link.

At first, Open iTechHacks Chegg Answers Unblur on your browser.

Scroll all the way down until you found a form labeled “FREE CHEGG ANSWERS”, found under method #1. Or see the screenshot for reference.


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Method 1: Use Chegg Free Trial

Most of the apps or websites which are paid give you a free trial for trying the app. If you like the website or the app then you can get the paid version. The same thing is to the Chegg website. It gives free trial for four weeks (28 days of a free trial). So, you can use Chegg for free and try out all the benefits which are provided. Once you use it for free, you can decide whether to buy the premium subscription or not.

Use Chegg Free Trial

You can get a solution to your questions, refer to a tutor, and many more things. However, in the free trial, you will not be able to get books as it is available for rent or to buy. So, to buy or rent a book you need to pay money which is mentioned there.

Method 2: Search your Questions on Google

I am sure, most of them have searched questions on a web browser. Google has so much information, so it can easily help you to get a solution. However, if you use it correctly, then you will definitely get an answer. You must search your questions on websites like Google or Bing and from the results look for the answers. If you don’t get the exact answer you will get a similar one which might help you to get the answer.

Method 3: Try Chegg Alternatives

There are a few websites available that are similar to Chegg. Most of them are free to use. So, here we have picked some of the sites which might help you to get your homework done. All these sites are the best alternatives to Chegg. Check out the list of the sites:

#1 Slader

Slader website is free to use. You just have to open the website on your device and start searching for the questions.

Visit Slader website (https://www.slader.com/)

#2 StudyLib

 It is another best website to get answers to your questions. Even the StudyLib website is free to use. Just open the website and type in the question in the search bar on the homepage. You might get possible related answers to your question or can get the exact one.

Visit StudyLib website (https://studylib.net/)

#3 PaperHelp

 The working process of PaperHelp is much similar to the Chegg website. It has different types of tiers of writers that offer different prices. So, select anyone and get the Chegg answers for free



Final Words

Overall, we recommend you to get a Chegg subscription if you are a regular user or you can use other free Chegg websites to get your answers for absolutely free in 2021. If you regularly get hard assignments or homework then it is better to buy the plan. So, with this, we conclude here. We hope this article helped you.