Find a best suited laptop for you.

We all need a Laptop in our life.Hundreds of companies like HP,Dell,Acer ,Lenova ,Apple sell laptops but it becomes very complex for us to understand, which one is best for us?Don’t worry even you have different set of requirements.Here are some of guidelines which you must keep in mind while buying a new best suited laptop.

  Get deep into specifications


There is variety of  Processors,Graphic cards,Ram, Rom,screen sizes and also generations.Every user has different set of requirements according to the needs.Some may use it for games,others may for study, business,designing,animations,etc.

>First thing to see in laptop is Processor:Intel and AMD are the competitor to each other.In just price only AMD processors are cheaper than intel. Intel doesn’t make all its money from PC and laptops processors,of course ,it

best processors

also produces graphic cards,adaptors,set top parts , even Intel chips for smartphones. AMD is smaller than Intel in some cases.While Intel produces its own chips,AMD designs its own chips but outsources the manufacturing.


>Second specification a buyer has to see is Ram: some lower end models come with 4GB ram for a decent experience.Mostly 8GB ram models are recommended.Because 8GB is good enough for common tasks like photo editing through Photoshop,designing models for


engineers.But if you are a gamer and do lots of photo and video editing then go for a 16gb laptop with 4gb graphic card.

>Graphic cards: are the booster for laptop performance.Majority of laptops comes with integrated graphics,called GPU(Graphics Processing Unit)which is permanently attached with the motherboard.Graphics cards comes variants like 2gb,4gb,8gb,12gb etc.

>Screen sizeNowadays, Laptops ranging from ultraportable to large screen ones.And the screen size varies from 11.6(smallest)inches to 17.3 (largest)inches. The sizes being varies from 11.6,12.5,13.3,14,15.6 and 17.3 inches.

screen size

The small ones are portable,ultraportable ,light weight and easy to carry.The medium ones are workstations ,multimedia or gaming laptops.

The small screen ones are ultraportable , portable(11.6–13.3)ones and are light weight , and easy to carry around , the medium ones are workstations , multimedia or gaming laptops.Bigger one is difficult to carry,so they usually kept stationary as a desktop.

>Battery life:There are many variables like screen brightness,net surfing,background tasks,streaming online videos, which effects battery life of a laptop.Always,look after battery rating given in Wh(Watt-hour) /mAh(milliAmp-hour).More the rating ,more will be battery life.

>Keyboard Quality:The quality and functionality of the keyboard drive productivity,especially if most of the work you do is text-oriented.There are some key features of a good keyboard, which are listed below:

  • Layout
  • Feel and Quality
  • Key surface coating
  • Key cushioning
  • Backlighting
  • Numeric Keypad

>Storage: Like a desktop,a laptop has an internal hard drive,which stores the operating system,applications and data files.However,laptops generally have less disk space than desktops. Laptop hard drive is mainly smaller than that of a desktop.In addition,most laptop hard drives spin slower than desktop hard drives,which reduces both heat and power consumption.

Meets your needs and budget

Although,it is not possible to balance all features in less budget, so that you may have make some of the compromises.

laptop in budget

But,be sure before buying the best laptop, whether the laptop you are going to buy fulfills your main needs or not.Do research,take advices from seniors,watch out people review.



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