FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 Expected Result

As we know that FIFA World Cup has been started. The World Cup is a beautiful time. It happens once every four years and entire globe is watching. It is very popular around the world. In last world cup, around 3.2 billion people watched the world cup. It is nearly half of planet’s population.

Predictions give us scope to be one of two things- hopeful, or logical. Here I am going to a bit of both. Will it be defending powerhouse GERMANY? , Messi’s Argentina? , Rolando’s PORTUGAL? Or someone completely different?

The World Cup is difficult to predict. But logically thinking, my final four teams are: France, Brazil, Spain, and Germany.

These are because they are powerhouses the lot of them, squads filled with winners and trained by best coaches who know how to get things done.

And my prediction for final is BRAZIL vs GERMANY. Because first semi-final will play between BRAZIL vs FRANCE and other will SPAIN vs GERMANY. This is according to schedule and my prediction. And my final winner will be “BRAZIL”.


According to my prediction:


In Fifa 2018, teams are divided into various groups:-
GROUP A:- Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay.
GROUP B:- Iran, Morocco, Portugal, Span.
GROUP C:- Austraila, Denmark, France, Peru.
GROUP D:- Argentina, Croatia, Iceland, Nigeria.
GROUP E:- Brazil, Costa Rica, Switzerland,
GROUP F:- Germany, South Korea, Mexico, Sweden.
GROUP G:- Belgium, England, Panama, Tunisia.
GROUP H:- Colombia, Japan, Poland, Senegal.

According to me, Group D is a very exciting group.

New Facts about FIFA 2018:

#1 World cup is playing first time in Eastern Europe.
#2 Iceland and Panama have qualified for their first world cup.
#3 South Korea have qualified for their 10th world cup, more than any other Asian country.
#4 India qualified for the 1950 world cup but they are barefoot. So they could not play.


The prize money given by FIFA to the winning team is a $35 million. And runner-up team gets $25 million.
There no losers, for even the participating teams will get $8 million.

FIFA World Cup Broadcasters:

The FIFA World cup was the first broadcast on television in 1954 and now the most widely viewed.


2018:-Sony Pictures Networks
2014:-Sony Six, Sony KIX, Sony TEN 10.
1962-2010:-ESPN Asia, Star Sports, and Doordarshan.

Best Apps to follow FIFA World cup 2018:

There are multiple ways to watch FIFA World cup 2018. Most of them are paid services and is not available to everyone.

Here I am listing the best apps to follow FIFA WORLD CUP and to watch the live streaming.


Jio Tv is an excellent app to watch world cup football live streaming. It is limited to jio sim user, which is limited in INDIA.


This is the best and the official app for all the updates related to the world cup. It is free of ads and offers free service for the football fans. It also offers to predict which team will win the match. In addition to that, you can select your favorite team.


The ESPN is one of most popular sports apps. ESPN is very popular media network and you can download it free from the play store. But the big disadvantage of this is, it contains ads. This app will help to know scores in real time, up to the news.


It is famous for largest television broadcasting. It is not only for football, we can watch many other sports in BBC broadcasts.It is available on both Android and iOS platforms.


In the world cup, as in life, we can win or lose. But when we give the best of yourself, then we will reach glory.Everybody’s talking of winner of the world cup. They talking about own favorite team but they never talk about the team which plays good team game recent time. I hope which team gives the best, they will win.