How To Get Free Google Play Codes, Redeem Codes & Gifts (2020)
How To Get Free Google Play Codes, Redeem Codes & Gifts (2020)

The google play store is the prime app store for android users like the Apple app store for iOS users. Google Play is home to millions of applications. Some are free to install and use; some are paid while others have premium and normal availability. To get a paid app, you need to spend real money to get its access. But you can help yourself by getting Google Play Codes and thus getting free access to paid applications.

Google play codes are the promo codes released by google and app developers from time to time that can be used for in-app purchases, getting free premium, obtain discounts, and free game items.

There are play codes, redeem codes, and gift cards that can let you access premium ebooks paid software, and are instrumental in almost all the application software or games installed from google play.

Here we focus on play codes and listing platforms where you can get google play codes for free without spending a penny of your hard-earned money. So let’s see it!

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Earn Free Google Play Codes & Gift Cards

By playing new sponsored games and watching trailers:

1. Mistplay:

It is a platform that pays you to play games. At display, you are provided with a mix playlist of games to be played, and you are rewarded with points accordingly. You also get awarded for watching certain sponsored game streams. You can then redeem cash rewards from these points. This cash can be used to get google play codes, amazon gift cards

2. Appstation:

This is an application available on google play, which pays you with coins for playing certain games. With the earned coins. You can make in-app purchases of google play codes and Amazon gift cards etc. this is free to install the application.

3. Swagbucks:

Swagbucks is a web-based platform where you can earn value coins by watching videos, playing games. It awards you free points simply by surfing through the web. Also, you get google play codes, amazon gift cards, and Xbox live codes on this web portal.

4. App karma:

App karma is an android platform that provides reward points if you watch app trailers on the app. You do not need to fill in any survey, only watch. Sometimes you get reward points ever for logging in and scrolling through the app. You can then exchange these reward points to redeem codes from different brands.

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Free Google Play Codes List October 2020

Free google play redeem codes

Sr. No. Google Play Codes
3 L5WD-M99B-C7AM-FE7Q-N2
8 L5WD-K4U8-F4B2-XEJ5-PA
9 7P8V-MR3J-75FF-LP9W-7RJ
10 L5WD-MWFX-8Y5E-DM24-K2
12 7P8V-MEP8-5CZ9-KRAD-4N2
14 7P8V-N99F-Z3QV-S8FV-KXS
15 7P8V-M3GM-77LC-WS63-ELA


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Free Google Play Codes By filling in surveys and completing tasks:

1. Google opinion rewards:

It is a safe and straightforward method to get play codes, gift cards, etc. you need to crest your account at google opinion rewards web portal and give your opinion on various proposed surveys. The surveys have questions on your preference and simple interests. You get $1 for each basic survey completed. You can later exchange the money for play codes or wallet steam codes on the same platform.

2. Gplayreward

It is a ‘get paid to’ type of website to redeem points to get gift cards and play codes. You need to watch videos and surveys to get points. Here, you can also buy cards by paying real money but at lower rates. It is a web platform, and you do need to install the software. You also get free points by simply surging the website.

3. Harris Poll Online:

Harris poll online lets you reward points in return for the surveys you take. It also shows you the final result of a survey that you’ve taken. The results and worthy ideas of the harris poll are published in various papers sometimes. So, you get exposure and ultimate user experience. You can trade the points earned for play codes, gift cards, and Xbox redeem codes.

4. CashNgifts:

This app can be used to earn reward pointers after completing a given set of tasks. It is a platform where cash gifts pointers are the currency with which you can buy real money, do recharges, and buy google play codes. You will find other android users on the platform who sell play codes in return for pointers.

5. GiftsJunkie:

GiftsJunkie is a platform that gives you reward points in return for surveys and task completion that might include installing certain software and rating them. With the earned reward codes, you can redeem either real money or google play codes. Play codes can then later be used for in-app purchases in google play. giftsJunkie itself is a web platform

6. JunoWallet:

Juno wallet is again one app that lets you fill in surveys, watching sponsored videos, and pay you for the same. You need to create an account and then trade via the Juno wallet for different digital stuff.


We have shortlisted the most popular sites and apps above, but you can always go for less popular and new business platforms like prize rebels, jobs2shop, feature points, grab points, etc. Grab yourself free codes and access to premium stuff. If you encounter any difficulty during the course, let us know in the comments. We would love to help you out. For more articles like these, stay tuned!