Disk Read Error Occurred Windows 10

Disk Read Error Occurred error is the most dreaded error message that appears right after the computer boots and prevents the affected computer from booting into its operating system, essentially locking the user out of the computer. In its full form, this error message is “A desk read error occurred. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart. Affected users are faced with a “Desk read error occurred” error no matter how many times they reboot their computer as this is not a problem that can be fixed by a simple restart.

A “Disk Read Error Occurred” error message indicates a problem with the computer’s hard drive or problems with the process of reading the hard drive. However, the actual cause of this problem varies from one affected laptop to another and can be anything from a hardware problem to a software problem. Hence there is no set resolution or solution for this problem. However, there are a few different solutions that you can try and fix the problem on your own, and the following are some of the most effective.


How to Fix Disk Read Error Occurred in Windows 10?

While looking at the hard drive first may seem like the best solution, there are many other potential solutions for disk read errors. Walking through the potential solutions for the most common causes of this error can identify and fix the problem.

1. Check the BIOS Partition Table:

Check the BIOS Partition Table

Its job is to control which storage data is prioritized for the boot process. This is a must-see. Because if one, for example, also results in a disk non-system, a “disk read error occurred” error may occur. How to set this up may vary on each PC or laptop. But usually, you only need to enter the BIOS, and then look for boot priority or boot options settings there.

2. Test Hard Drive:

Test Hard Drive

Here MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable CD can help you check whether your hard disk still has bad blocks. Right-click on the target disk and select “Surface Test”. If there are some bad sectors on the disk, the Partition Wizard will mark them as “red”. Otherwise, all sectors are marked as “green”. Once bad blocks are found, you need to take steps to protect them. Here backup for your important data is suggested to ensure data security.

Ask MiniTool Partition Wizard for help with its “Copy Disk” feature. In addition to the four solutions mentioned above, there are three other ways, which include checking the IDE cables, testing the RAM, and reinstalling the operating system. You can try them one by one as per the actual case. For more information, click the article If a disk read error occurs in Windows 10, try these solutions. We hope this can help you.

3. Check Your Cables:

Check Your Cables

The inside of your PC is a mishmash of different hardware components connected to each other by an assortment of power cables and data cables. Even software technicians have a hard time knowing which cable goes with which hardware component, never mind regular PC users. However, you may need to check the cables if there is a loose connection or faulty cable causing the disk read error. If you find this process cumbersome or are not very sure about it, you can give your PC to a computer technician to check the cables for you. However, if you are the adventurous type, you can use it on your own.

Desktop PCs have the same cable arrangement, and general hardware and so do laptop computers. However, there may be slight variations depending on the manufacturer. It is recommended to watch a professional video on how to open your PC and reset the cables on your specific computer model. You can use this as a guide so you can’t make a mistake. When you get to the cables, check to see if any of them are disconnected. Check the cables for possible damage and replace them with new cables of the same type if necessary. This may be the solution to the disk read error.

4. Check and Modify Boot Order:

Check and Modify Boot Order

After a read disk error appears on startup, you should check the BIOS sequence and see if your system is booting from the correct hard disk. To press a specific key go to the BIOS interface according to your computer or laptop. In BIOS, please press “↑↓” to select the item, then save the change. After rebooting the OS, if the disk error problem reappears, try the second method.

5. Rebuild MBR:

Rebuild MBR

If the MBR is damaged, a disk error problem may occur. So, in this case, the important thing is to repair the master boot record. A reliable third-party tool – MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable CD is an excellent choice to rebuild the MBR. This partition manager is designed to manage disk and partition when OS is missing or OS fails to boot. You need to download the MiniTool Partition Wizard bootable CD and burn it to a CD/DVD or USB flash drive. You can plug to the android device into your computer and then set this device as the first boot order.

  • Then Windows will go to the MiniTool Partition Wizard main interface after a while. Here right-click on the hard drive in the OS and then click “Rebuild MBR”.
  • Then click the “Apply” button. After operating, if the computer fails to boot, your hard drive may be damaged.


With these tested solutions, you probably figured out how to fix disk read errors in Windows 10. This error is very frustrating, especially if you cannot boot into Windows. However, the troubleshooting process isn’t as painful, especially with this guide to show you what to do. So we hope the above-provided guide will surely help you.