How To Reinstall, Repair or Uninstall DirectX 11 on Windows 7,8.1 & 10
How To Reinstall, Repair or Uninstall DirectX 11 on Windows 7,8.1 & 10

Microsoft DirectX is a very important software when it comes to handling games and increases gaming performance in Windows-based operating systems. Nowadays, most popular games like GTA V, Mass Effect required high-performance CPU power and graphics runtime architecture components. These video games depend on DirectX and due error corrupted library within the DirectX Runtime Components may result in game crashes and unable to open game problems. There is an official DirectX repair tool available for Windows computers.

If you are a gamer then you know how important DirectX is? DirectX is a crucial part of Windows 10, require to play high-class games on Windows computers. Bue sometimes due to some errors, users face DirectX errors on Windows 10. Today we will show you how to uninstall DirectX and how to reinstall DirectX 11 in Windows computers. The problem may occur due to an installer will skip the DirectX installation and finish installation normally. You can try how to reinstall DirectX 11 or how to repair DirectX on Windows 10 computers.

There are two parts for DirectX. There are the API files in C:\Windows\System32 e.g. dx*.*, d3d*.* and there are drivers that supply DirectX features for your graphics card. If you are thinking to Reinstall Directx Windows 10 or Uninstall Directx Windows then you are landed on right page. You can repair system files using SFC.EXE (System file checker) e.g., SFC /SCANFILE=<filename> or SFC /SCANNOW to repair all files.

DirectX can be a crucial part of Windows-10, required by many multimedia applications. However, sometimes there can be DirectX errors on Windows 10, and today we’re likely to demonstrate just how to fix them. You can follow How to Uninstall Directx and Directx Repair Download. This is a common problem in Windows 7 so check How To Reinstall, Repair Or Uninstall DirectX (Windows 7 and How to fix DirectX Errors on Windows 10.

Microsoft DirectX may be the most significant software when it comes to handling multimedia content in Windows Operating System. Game titles rely on DirectX so greatly that perhaps the smallest problem or corrupted collection inside the DirectX Runtime Components may lead to game crashes.

How to Uninstall DirectX and Reinstall it to Repair Problems – DirectX related problems often trigger problem requests at the beginning of the program’s delivery, making it unavailable to run further. To avoid these problems, ensure your DirectX version is definitely updated.

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If you install a fresh game, pay close attention to what installation has to offer because it will probably request you to install/update DirectX. You need to generally recognize this, and when your version is already updated, a company may miss out the DirectX installation and finish installation normally.


Reinstall, Repair Or Uninstall DirectX Windows 10:

DirectX installation Error certainly occurs t due to some errors or problems caused by damaged or deleted DirectX files. The best way to repair any DirectX related problem is to install the latest version from Microsoft official download site:

If you have updated to latest Windows 10 update then you have to update DirectX drivers. To run games on updated windows 10, DirectX software update is required. You have to update DirectX drivers on your windows laptop to play games.

DirectX Download installer

You can easily Download a DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer to your local disk and run it. DirectX setup has determined that latest version of DirectX has been installed already.

You can also try to modify a registry key where DirectX saves its version number. Navigate to


Solution 1 – Install the previous version of DirectX

  • Some applications require older versions of DirectX because old games are compatible with older DirectX version.
  • So try to remove latest installed DirectX and install an older version. Then restart PC.

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Solution 2 – Reinstall your graphic card drivers to Fix DirectX Errors On Windows 10

  • Press Windows Key + X > choose Device Manager.
  • Go to Display Adapters section > locate your graphic card driver.
  • Right click the driver and choose Uninstall > Check Remove the driver software for this device and click OK.
  • After you’ve uninstalled the driver, restart your computer.
  • After reboot, Navigate to graphic card manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers for your graphic card > Install the downloaded drivers.
  • After installing the driver, reboot the computer and see if DirectX Errors On Windows 10 solved or not.

You can also use this 3rd party tool to fix DirectX error-

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Solution 3: Download Visual C++ Redistributables

  • You can also fix this error or how to uninstall DirectX by installing Visual C++ Redistributables. Users recommend downloading and installing this package.

DirectX is very important driver package for Windows operating systems to play games on PC or laptop. If you have any DirectX problems on Windows 10 Computer then feel free to try some of our solutions. Hope you liked this article on how to uninstall DirectX, how to reinstall DirectX, how to repair DirectX 11. Comment below if you need any help regarding DirectX installation and DirectX Windows 10 errors.