How to Delete Mint Account
How to Delete Mint Account

When it comes to managing your finances in one place with ease. Then Mint accounts come into everyone’s mind. It’s a free account and financial tracker app made for those who want to keep track of their budget.

People can keep track of their bank accounts, credit cards, bills and investments in one place with mint. Users can see what and where they are spending money and also track their bills anytime. So they can make a plan and set a goal to save their money at last.

You may have found some reason not to use this Mint service and now you might be thinking to stop using this service.

Then I may tell you that before putting a full stop at using Mint services, you should first delete your mint account to avoid any future consequences.

And today here, in this post we will tell you how you can Delete Mint Account with ease. But, before moving forward let us know what Mint Account is? and why it’s better to delete it.

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What is Mint Account?

Mint is basically a free web-based application service that is meant for providing personal financial management service to the United States and Canada.

With over claim of 20 million users in the year 2016, and connecting 16,000 US and Canadian financial institutions. And more than 17 million financial accounts of individuals.

It has become a very trusted place to track individuals bank account, credit card, investments, loan, and transactions. That is the reason it got massive popularity since time.

Features of Mint Account

  • Manage money & bills together – Track your bills and transaction along with the account balance. Know your pending bills and amounts and pay them on time.
  • Save you time and money – The money-saving tips will help you in savings.
  • Manage everything in one place – No need to login to multiple sites for multiple works. Using mint you can make your whole financial life crystal clear and stress-free.
  • Make Budget plans – Plan your monthly and yearly budget, set goals and Mint will help you to reach your goal by keeping track of your transactions.
  • Stay Secure – Stay secure with mint which uses multi-factor authentication to provide you full security over data protection.
  • Goodbye to late payments – From now, you don’t need to worry about late fees and all stuff. Mint will give you pay reminders on time to avoid any late.
  • Track your smart credit scores – Get your credit scores and learn how it is calculated. There is no need for a credit card for this.

Now let us know why it is better to delete Mint accounts before you stop using its services.

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Why is it better to delete it?

As we have mentioned above, you may get into trouble. Because there may be some chances that you may lose your data online.

We all know that data breach is a very serious issue and it is happening every day through the internet. To avoid any of this circumstance, you should delete your Mint account as soon as possible.

Now, without taking any more time, let us get started with the steps to delete your mint account with an easy step by step guide.

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Steps to Delete Mint Account

Deleting a mint account is a way too easy a task which any user can do easily. You just need to follow this particular article to avoid any mistakes.

We are going to show you step by step guide of deleting the Mint account to ensure all data is removed from the service.

1. Log in and select settings 

Firstly, you need to sign in into your mint account and then click on the Settings option on top of the screen.

2. Click on the “Sign In and Security”

Click on the “sign in and security” option under the settings.

3. “Delete you Mint Account

After scrolling down below, you will see an option saying “Delete your Mint Account”, Click on it.

4. Follow the dialogue

Confirm the deletion and enter your password for verification and then click on finish.

5. Deletion may take up to 6 days

This whole process may take up to 6 days and at that time you’ll be notified on your mail many times.

6. Uninstall the App

Now, simply uninstall the Mint app and enjoy it.

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Finally, we have covered the process with every step. I hope you like the article and if you get any problem regarding this post. You can directly ask us on the comments. Cheers!