Call of Duty: Warzone tips

Warzone is a game that has attracted thousands of battle royale game lovers since its launch. One of the cool things about the game is its forgiving allowance for dead characters to get back into the game. This is made possible by the gulag fight- making it easy to play and learn for beginners.

However, since you have no guarantee of winning the 1v1 gulag fight, you should learn to avoid it. Thankfully, with the help of the tips in this article, you can live long enough to board that end-game chopper. Also, get the Safest Warzone Hacks which you can use for your Call of duty games.


How to get wins in Warzone Season 6

1. Landing spot matters

The beginning of your game in Verdansk goes a long way in determining the overall outcome of the game. When choosing a spot to drop, you should do well to land far from the plane’s flight path. This is because many experienced players will be landing in those positions too. You know what that means if you’re on an opposing team.

Also, since you’re not well armed, avoid locations with heavy loots; there will be several players heading there too. If an enemy got to those big guns before you, you could expect to be pumped filled with bullets in the next few seconds.

2. Master the diving skill

Irrespective of where you drop out of the plane, where you land depends on you. This makes it important to sharpen your sky-diving skills. Also, take note of situations where you need to dive or reopen your parachute. Diving makes you reach the playground faster, thus, making it to weapons before enemies can reach them.

Also, since you drop from the plane with a few plates, you can open fire on nearby players during the drop. This is an advantage since your victims will be caught unawares, further making it easier to finish off the kills once you land.

3. Cash helps

Cash is one of the easiest ways of getting important items in Warzone that will be instrumental to your winning. But, more importantly, make sure to buy loadouts with your favorite custom guns.

You should also buy killstreaks and a self-revive kit once you have gathered enough cash. The self-revive kit will help you to stay alive, long enough to make that win. More so, you can buy a dead teammate that loses in the gulag fight. You can’t spend cash you don’t have, so take the extra time to check loot cases and complete contracts for cash.

4. Fortify your loadout

Players have specific weapons they’re fond of, and they get their loadouts stock with them. The practice isn’t bad, but you’ll have regrets if those weapons can’t serve you in any given combat situation. Because you will need guns with varying applications as you progress in the game.

For instance, the beginning of the game will constitute some long-range gunfights since the shrinking map is still big. This will require the use of some good sniper rifles. An ideal loadout should contain the following weapons: Mac 10, Stoner 63, Kar98k, and 410 Ironhide. These guns are rated the best in their specific range categories.

5. UAVs are game-changers

UAVs are some perks that are worth spending on. It goes for a whopping $4,000 is worth the trial. This perk makes you see the position of enemies that are close by. Furthermore, when used by all members of your team simultaneously, you can see all your enemies irrespective of their location on the map.

This makes it easier for you and your squadmates to plan good flanks where you can attack from. It also helps you to take necessary precautions in case of an attack. However, note that this perk can be used for a limited time, so be quick when it’s in use.


Warzone season 6 is a bit difficult with over 140 enemies. This makes it important for you to take the necessary precautions if you want to win. As we mentioned earlier, make good landing decisions since they contribute to your winning. Don’t hoard cash when you can buy some life-saving items for yourself and your teammates. Also, if you’re playing as a team, you should always communicate useful information to your teammates.