Build a Chess Game

Build a Chess Game

There is no doubt about the sheer popularity of chess. Hailed as the quintessential strategy board game, chess is a game for two players that is played by millions of people around the world today.

Played on a 64 grid board, arranged in an 8×8 layout, chess is played with two sets of sixteen pieces, each set being referred to as ‘black’ and ‘white’, even if the actual colour of the pieces vary slightly. Sometimes the white pieces may be of a cream or off white colour, and the black pieces may be brown or dark red in colour. Chess sets come in a variety of designs, but all chess boards have their squares alternating in colour. Each set of pieces consists of a king and a queen each, two rooks, two bishops, two knights and eight pawns. 

With its origins estimated to be in the 15th century, chess is a game whose appeal has only grown as the years went by. Today, chess theory is a field that has developed around the game and there are aspects of art that have come to be found in the game as well. Chess has influenced cultures and it is also seen as a game that connects several other fields such as mathematics, computer science and even psychology. 

As the technology evolved and people started to play games on their personal devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, it is no wonder that chess too made it to a much-liked game that can be played just about anywhere. Playing chess online on your mobile phone or tablet is now all the simpler! All you need to do is download chess game from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store and you can start playing immediately!

This article on the website of Hercules Chess talks about why the game is so popular and how the currently ongoing pandemic made its popularity soar even higher. But what is it about the game that attracts people to the point that it is played at home, in pubs, parks and several other places? Let’s explore!

  1. Chess makes you see the bigger picture
  2. Chess makes you a strategic thinker
  3. Chess improves your memory 
  4. Chess enhances your creativity
  5. Chess makes you a better planner
  6. Chess improves your concentration 

 With that being said, let’s take a look at how you can get your game of chess off to a good start. So, in this blog, we enumerate some helpful tips that help you build a good chess game and increase your chances of winning. 

  1. Develop all your pieces 

Developing your pieces is said to be the most important rule in the opening of your chess game. Development of pieces means moving your pieces out of the squares they are positioned in at the start of the game. Do keep in mind that chess is a battle strategy game, and it is extremely important to have all your pieces ready for play to increase your chances of winning. Many chess players make the completely avoidable mistake of bringing out only a few pieces and moving them around the board, and they bring out the rest after those initial pieces get stuck or taken out. Basically, in chess, every move is precious, and having the lead in development will give you an edge over your opponent because if you have all your pieces ready, you will be in a position to attack first. Generally, it is recommended that you bring out your knights and bishops before you bring out your queen or your rooks. Try and make sure that neither of your knights or your bishops are still in their original positions after the tenth move.

2. Avoid excessive pawn moves

When playing chess, it goes without saying that you need to move your pawns first to let the other pieces out. However, as the pawn is the weakest piece in chess, it is recommended that you avoid making too many pawn moves. It will hold you in good stead if you start moving one of the pawns in the centre two squares. Moving the pawn in front of the king by two squares makes it possible for the queen and the bishop on the side of the king to move. Some players make the mistake of making several different pawn moves that do little or nothing to develop their pieces, and in the process, they end up wasting time. 

3. Avoid bringing out your queen early on in the game

In the game of chess, the queen is the strongest, and therefore, the most valuable piece. In other words, you cannot afford to lose your queen unless you get your opponent’s queen in exchange. However, in more practical terms, you should avoid bringing out your queen early on in the game as it will give your opponent the requisite scope to develop their pieces and attack your queen. Not only is this risky, but it is also a waste of a move you could have more fruitfully used in the development of your pieces.

4. Refrain from moving the same piece twice

In chess, it is very important to make the most of all your moves and not waste any in the development of your pieces. That being said, if you move one piece around while the others still remain in their original squares, you will end up losing time as well as opportunities. It is suggested that you move your piece twice only if you need to take out one of your opponent’s pieces.

5. Harness the advantage of castling early

Castling, in chess, refers to the move that involves your king and either of your rooks (or castles). Castling is the only move in the game where you move two pieces in the same move. Castling early in the game is strongly recommended as once the pieces start coming out towards the centre of the board; the king will be vulnerable to attack. To avoid becoming a victim of an early checkmate, try to make sure that your king is castled preferably before the tenth move in the game. This move also has another benefit, and it brings one of your rooks to the middle of the board. 

With these handy tips in mind, you are ready to do battle! It is said that ‘well begun is half done, so we recommend that you follow these guidelines so that you are in a position of advantage over your opponent.