Borderland 2 File Save Editor Codes & Mac (2021)

Borderland 2 File Save Editor Codes: Who will not love to play games? Everyone will play games, in this generation, even the kids started to play the game. Why people are getting addicted to the games? Yes, It has an interactive screen which makes people get addicted to that and some games are played for entertainment and some for achievements and rewards which makes us more curious to play and get that rewards.

Playing games will help people to get rid of their problems. There are plenty of games ruling the market, one among them is video games, one among the famous video game is Borderlands.

Borderland is an open-world action role-playing first-person shooter video game that was created by Gearbox Software(An American video game development company). You may get a question about what is role play?? Here is your answer, Role playing is nothing but controlling the characters that are involved in the game.

It supports various platforms like PlayStation 3, Windows, Mac Os x, etc. The mode of player supported by this Borderland is single-player and multiplayer. It contains lots of characters to pick like Salvador, zero, Maya, Axton, etc, Now you may get a question what character should I pick?


Borderland 2 Save Editor Codes

 All of the characters in the Borderland are more powerful, each character defines the style of weapons that they are specialize in. Among these let me share my favorite characters with you and the character is the Axento (commando).

This character exemplifies the gun rate and it also makes the gun rate better, they increase the fire rate and death rate and letting you get the most adding of the guns that you find in the game. It’s just fantastic and again it allows for massive gunplay for you to enjoy the guns you find better than any other characters in my opinion.

Borderland 2 increases the complexity by living the characters. while starting the game, the players can select one among the four characters in which each one has a unique skill with unique weapons to attack the enemies. Once the character is chosen and they are assigned to the respective missions through the non-player characters.

(Now, what are non-player characters?

This NPC is any kind of character which is not controlled by the player who is playing the game, instead, it is controlled by the computer or Game manager who manages the player by some algorithms.)

After assigning the missions, each player will get the reward of Experience points (Experience points are used to quantify the player characters’ life throughout the game, but this is awarded for the completion of missions who overcome hindrances and the antagonist player.)

The players can also gain experience by killing humans and those players who complete in-game challenges (In-game challenges are getting several kills with the specific type of weapon also gain this experience).

Once they gain levels from their experience points then the player can allocate the skill points in the skill tree which has the feature with three distinct specializations, now the players can disseminate their skill points in any of the specializations, we can also redistribute their skill points.

Initially, the game equips with two weapons but later we can gain up to four weapons. The main feature of Borderland is, it can randomly generate the weapons and items by those enemies who dropped their weapons. Borderlands allows the player to complete some military operations to which is included in the mission to unlock the vault hunter.

This game has six open vault hunters(vault hunters are the ones who can actively roam in pandora and other planets and they can be easily identified by their unique clothing). The town people are frozen in one location and they cannot move further, so if the people started to move then they must be an outsider, the vault hunters are the only inhabitants of pandora.


Are you frightening about your levels that have been lost, unfortunately??

Don’t worry, the borderland 2 save editor is there which was created by the gibbed software will allow us to save or modify our level and also allow us to create a new save file to save our skill points, experience points. It also allows us to save our leveled up, vault hunters. Borderland allows you to use the gibbed weapon to save your life.


 Follow the steps below to know how to install it on your PC.

STEP 1: Fire up your favorite browser and hit this URL link:

STEP 2: Locate the downloaded file and double click on it.

STEP 3: Now click the next and finish button to set up your editor.

STEP 4: Open gibbed which contains many options like general, character, vehicle, currency, backpack and once you click the general option, it displays a dialog box that contains character and customization menu.

STEP 5: Under the character menu, it displays a list of options like class, experience level, experience points, general skill points, etc, Here the class describes which character has been saving is.

STEP 6:That experience level determines your character level, general skill points are used used to find how many skill points you have to spend in your skill tree.

STEP 7: Now navigate to the same folder, but the Gibbs should be here by default (c:\users\(the username which you gave will appear here)\My documents\My Games\Borderland.

STEP 8: After completing this open your save and mod away. borderlands 2 save editor mac


I hope you find this article useful and you get some information about how to download and install your borderland 2 save editor on your PC. So go and install to know more features about the editor. If you have any suggestions on this article, feel free to contact us using the contact us page. Also, do comment on your experience on using this borderland 2 save editor. If you have any queries, do ask us in the comment section. Subscribe to our email newsletter for instant updates. Thanks a lot for spending your time reading this article. Cheers!