Board Management Software

As the need for multi-sectoral and international collaborations arise, it is not unusual to find companies and organizations with people sitting on their boards who are miles apart. Traditionally, the idea had been to spend long hours and days to determine what day works best to physically have board members available for board meetings. 

This process consumes a lot of productive time to get things done. However, with board management software all of these is condensed into a simple set of activities.


Why should you get board management software?

If you are unsure about the benefits you stand to gain from virtual board software like this, you are about to discover why board portal software is the perfect way to automate your board meetings and help you make critical decisions.

Schedule and prepare for board meetings

It’s important that your board members are available to share valuable ideas and insight to move your organization or company forward, and good board management software is required to make that happen seamlessly.

With the board management software, it’s easier for everyone to stay on track of meeting schedules, prepare, and be present when needed.

In the virtual boardroom, each board member has a profile, where they can access important documents they need to peruse against the next meeting. It’s also easier to schedule meetings since board members will not choose a date based on their availability to make a trip, but based on how soon they can get on a meeting for a few hours.

Get real-time access to important documents and information

Across many organizations, board members are often busy professionals who have several demands on their time. As noted earlier, the board management software serves as a paperless meeting solution, as it comes with features that allow board members to access important documents at any time they need to.

Board management software helps to enhance board members’ time management, as they can access important documents they need to review whenever and wherever.

With that said, board members won’t be limited to physical meetings, as the board portal gives them secure digital access to the documents when it is required.

Streamline decision-making process

Board members are important to the organization’s decision-making process, and the earlier that can be done, the more milestones can be achieved in the organization. 

Board management software features virtual voting that allows board members to decide what side they are on when addressing a situation in a virtual board meeting.

The voting results can be seen in real-time, which makes it easier to move on to other subjects of decision-making, rather than spending quality time trying to count paper ballots, as is the case of a traditional board meeting. Additionally, time and location will no longer be a barrier in decision-making.

Build and distribute meeting agenda

Board meetings are often driven by a detailed agenda. Board management softwares helps to effectively automate meeting agenda, make changes where necessary, determine who is in charge of what aspect. Also, you can save templates of different agendas, where the online board meeting is stratified for different levels of the board management. 

Board portals feature tools for easy meeting agenda creation. Thanks to them, it’s easier to build agendas and distribute copies among concerned attendees, so they can prepare for their roles in a meeting.  

Ensure top-notch security and document management

It’s easier to keep confidential documents secured within a board management system than on other digital file-sharing platforms.

Board management software is often designed with adequate security features like multi-factor authentication, encryption, single sign-on, etc, to ensure that your documents are protected and managed in the right way.

You can be also certain that only those who are authorized to access the documents get to view them, which may not be feasible in traditional settings. Essentially, e-signing features in a virtual board meeting make it easier for members to append their signatures on documents, without the hassle of having to print several physical copies.

How to choose board management software

Since various vendors offer different unique features on their virtual board software, here are some important points to look out for.

  • Easy document sharing and format compatibility: The software must be compatible with the document type that’s required in your industry and it must be easy to share. 
  • Security: The virtual portal must be secured with high-level protection standards and features to ensure that all-important files and communication cannot be breached. 
  • Seamless integration of collaborative tools: Choose a solution that integrates your preferred collaboration tools, including important video-conferencing tools for ease of communication.
  • Ease of portal use: The portal must be simple to navigate, as a complex portal may slow down your virtual board meetings.
  • Pricing: Evaluate the features the virtual board solution offers in terms of the pricing, to ascertain you’re making a great investment.


Virtual board software is the perfect digital solution required to manage your board members and board meetings. If you consider engaging with your board members an important aspect of your organizational processes, then you should get an online board solution for effective and productive board management.