The 8 Best Board Game Apps For Android And iPhone

Our latest golden age of board gaming has also resulted in a similar boom of smartphone applications that fit board games for smartphones and tablets, with new ones appearing almost weekly and some games also debuting in digital form around the same time they hit store shelves. I’ve downloaded some of these applications, all of which are focused on real-world games; these are the best of the bunch.

Can you recall how it used to be before the internet? We always had to read newspapers to keep up with world events, talk to our mates on landlines, and buy things in physical stores. We had to amuse ourselves by playing board games.  While you won’t get the same thrill of watching your sister chuck the board around the room as she loses, the digital version is also fun.

Everyone loves playing this game & enjoys Emma and like how she heals off of SP consumed and it’s a very unique mechanic. Emma builds are focusing on an early Wind & Fire and the other building around high crit chance.


Best Board Game Apps

  1. Real Carrom:

For Android and ios devices, Real Carrom has been one of the popular board game games. Nextwave Multimedia has created a fantastic online game app with a 3D feature. It’s available in both offline and online formats because you can play with local players even if you don’t have access to the internet. The game has two various characteristics: freestyle and black or white, as well as 4 different game modes: quick play, trick shot, blitzkrieg, and tournament.

  1. Scrabble :

Scrabble word finder game was invented in the 1930s and quickly became a common thinking-game. person’s The aim is to create a word correctly using your titles; the more complex the word is though the more multiplier squares it overlaps, the more points you get. Both Android and iOS versions of the game are available. It includes an in-game vocabulary to aid scoring, an instructor mode that shows you what the best possible word was between each turn, the opportunity to challenge your buddies via Facebook, and a pacing mode for quick play.

  1. Mancala:

Mancala is a fantastic board game app created by AppOn that you can play with a partner everywhere in the globe. This is one of the oldest Ancient African board games, and it can be started playing in a multiplayer online environment. The terms of this game are simple: to win, you must accumulate more beans in your Mancala than your competitor. It has a variety of levels of complexity and immersive tutorials, making it easy to enjoy with your friends.

  1. 4 in a Row:

4 in a Row is a free download for Android and ios games platforms that is a classic board game. You must align four of the same colored chips in a row, column, or diagonal throughout this game. The player who connects all four chips in a row first wins the game. This application has four main themes: classic, new, wood, and fruit, each with its own set of rules. Before playing this game, you should read so many of the rules to ensure that you are the winner.

  1. Rento:

Rento is indeed an online dice board game for Android and ios devices created by LAN games. It’s a great monopoly app that lets you buy property, exchange, and build houses right from your screen. It is a multiplayer gaming app that allows you to play with your internet friends. This game supports English, Portuguese, Indonesian, Bulgarian, German, Russian, Spanish, French, and other languages.

  1. 8 Ball Pool:

8 Ball Pool is a visually beautiful 3D multiplayer board game that you can enjoy with your mates. It’s a modern multiplayer online service in which you must build your monopoly and establish smart choices to win. It’s a fantastic pool game app that lets you comfortably play pool with your friends and relatives. You can quickly play this family game application in multiplayer mode versus rivals from all over the world, giving the opponents a true challenge.

  1. Chess:

Chess is an online chess app for Android and ios platforms that helps you to play chess with colleagues from all over the world. With 50,000+ strategy puzzles, immersive tutorials and videos, and a strong robot opponent, you can play free unlimited games and boost your chess ranking. You will compete with your friends and talk with opponents when playing online chess. It contains over 65,000 puzzles, allowing you to use that as a puzzle game app to solve an infinite number of puzzles.

  1. My BGG:

My BGG is a quick strategy game that is available for Android and iOS devices. It’s solo gameplay with a variety of difficulty settings versus an artificial intelligence application. It’s simple to play in online game mode with the transfer and play option. It also gives you the option of customizing the boards with good music and playing the game online on your smartphone. There was a good selection of new boards, pieces, and songs, or you can buy a pack of 16 extra cards to customize your board by buying extensions.


Since this is such a wide and diverse field, we’ve including digital board games of all shapes and sizes in our list. You didn’t find your absolute favorite? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.