Best movie apps for android

Best movie apps for android: Movies are the visual poetry and really a life-changing thing in our world. There are many people in this world who had satisfied their entire life for Movies. Are you a serious movie lover? OR You are someone like me who never miss Movie Marathons on every single Weekend; you probably like to watch movies while you are traveling or sometimes you cannot access your TV. For a situation like this, you may think that you can watch movies on your mobile itself.Best movie apps for android

If you are someone who already tried to watch your favorite movies on your mobile, you can understand how hard it is to watch a movie on mobile. But using some application on your mobile you can watch movies effortlessly. What are those awesome applications? Yes, yes. This is the exact topic we are gonna cover in this article. Without wasting any more let us look at the best movie apps for android.

All the applications in this list are equally functional and worth your time but every application has its own pros and cons.




Best movie apps for android

Show Box is an android application which allows you to stream movies and serials for free in your Android device. It has many features than any other movie applications. Let us look at some of the features that Showbox offers:

  • It has a very solid user interface which let you browse your favorite movie without any hassle.
  • You can download subtitles for almost any movie. It will help to increase your media experience.
  • With this application, you can download your movie and watch it later when you are offline.

Download Showbox:

Showbox application is not available in the google play store due to some copyright issues; Just click the download button which is located down below. Download Button

Before installing this Showbox make sure to turn on your Unknown sources. To do this just go to setting -> security -> unknown sources. 

Now click and install the downloaded apk and start watching your favorite movies.

#2.TERRARIUMTV :Best movie apps for android

TerrariumTv is the perfect alternative for Showbox application. It has a very large collection of movies and series. Like Showbox application, you can download your favorite content to watch your favorite content offline. You can store your movies and serials on both the Internal and the external storage. Let us look at some of the unique features of this TerrauimTv application:

  • It has the huge collection of 4K movies and serials which you can download and watch in your 4K crisp Tv also.
  • This application support for chromecast and Firestick.
  • It has a large number of movies and serials than any other movie applications.
  • You can easily bookmark your favorite serials or movies to watch them later.

Terrarium Tv is also not available in the Google Play Store and you need to sideload this apk from some third-party websites. Just download the apk from the below download button.Download Button


Tubi TV is the only available free Movie application in the Google Play store. It supports for Xbox, chromecast and all smart TVs.Tubi TV has a very rare movie and serial collections which is difficult to find on many sites. It has some of the many features, Let us look at the some of them:

  • You can sync with your account and continue to watch your favorite movies across many devices irrespective of its platform. Once you start watching your movie on your mobile while traveling, you can continue watching on your Tv after you return to your home.
  • It has no illegal content so you don’t need to worry about piracy issues.
  • As I told earlier it is available in the Google Play store so you don’t need to worry about security-related issues. It won’t have any malware scripting and any other exploits that may harm you.
  • Tubi Tv has multi-language content which means you can watch multi-language films like Korean, English, and Spanish.
  • It loads content much faster than other android tv applications.

Although it has many features it has some of the negative sides:

  • It won’t support 4K videos.
  • It doesn’t have any option to download movies and serials. So you cannot able to watch your favorite movies while you’re offline.

DOWNLOAD TUBI TV:Download Button


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